LPA FanDucts for Tevo Tarantula - v4.0

by Elzariant, published

LPA FanDucts for Tevo Tarantula - v4.0 by Elzariant Jun 8, 2016


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v4.0 of the Tevo Fanduct.

You can now check v5 : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1809465
or v5.5 (dual 40 mm fans) : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1953697

Note : Do not hesitate to leave me a little tip if you like the design. That helps me to pay the filament I waste when I print prototypes.

Filename nomenclature :

LPAFanduct [Sensor model] [Hotend model] [Nozzle model]

Spacer usage :

Some Tarantula's owners have a different design for the X-carriage-acrylic than the others. These people may need to use a spacer (on Z or Y axis) to use the fanduct. The spacer may be mandatory also for DualHead model.

For further information :


Follow up

2016-09-16 : Added modded version for Dual E3Dv6 by Marco Lo Verde.
2016-09-01 : Added : E3Dv6 with Volcano Nozzle and 8mm sensor.
2016-08-31 : Modified : All BLTouch models to ease the cabling and keep the adjustement screw reachable.
2016-06-21 : Added : Dual Tevo head with no sensor / E3Dv6 (stock nozzle) with 8mm sensor
2016-06-20 : Added models for standard E3Dv6 (stock nozzle). I never tested them so I cannot garantee the result.
2016-06-19 : Minor correction on BLTouch/Tevo/Tevo model. 1.5mm added on sensor-support height. Version is now 4.0.1 for this model
2016-06-09 : Added a model for Tevo hotend and nozzle and BLTouch sensor. But it has never been tested : if anyone dares, I'd be glad to have his feedback ^^

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Thank you soo much. I have a Flsun dual extruder with auto level8ng sensor and I have been looking for a month for a good cooling fan adapter and you have a perfect on.

i see the note not to print with support and because support cannot be removes from the duct that makes sense but, how are you guys managing the overhangs in the fan housing?

Printed! :¬D Thanx Elz.
Unfortunately, now that I'm printing something small with your fan duct on the x carriage, I don't like it so much, because I can't see what's happening as the duct covers the area that's printing. Maybe when I have more confidence in the Tarantula, I won't mind it so much. But I need the bracket on the side for the BL Touch that will arrive next week. Oh yes, did I mention that I printed the BL Touch version? :¬D
I've added an image, I hope you can see it ok. The thing beside it on the bed is my temporary fan shroud made from a piece of 0.5mm ally.

which one is the dual nozzle one? THanks

Can you provide the STEP file for the Dual Nozzle, no Sensor fanduct?
Thanks so much! :)

Do you have (or know of one) that will fit 3 extruders?

As I am completely new to this, I have also found an adjustable z probe mount and would love to incorporate its design into this one (setup for 3 extruders)
Do you have any advice on where i can get started designing such an animal?? I have Sketchup, but not sure if that is what i should be using (new to 3d modeling as well).
Any advice or direction you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Any link to your 3-Extruder setup ?

i bought what looks like a tarantula (but with a different name on it)
i printed the v4 e3d dual with no sensor (i am using the stock square sensor)
unfortunately i printed it with supports making it unusable for cooling, but i can take pics and measurements if it would help.
it looks like the only thing it would need other than the sensor mount is for the cooling ring to be a little larger to clear all 3 exrtuders.

I keep trying to reply to this, but my posts are being flagged for moderation and i do not know why.

for some reason, my posts are being flagged for moderation, not sure why.(a link maybe..)
I bought the tri color printer from he3d wich from everything i can see is a tevo tarantula.
i printed the dual extruder with no sensor mount and it looks real close (i think the ring may need to be a bit larger), but everything else looks real close.
Unfortunately, i printed it with supports, so i cannot use it for cooling, but i can sure take pictures and measurements of it (or anything else) if it would help at all..

Comments deleted.

I bought this one http://www.reprapmall.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=161... I can take measurements on the extruders. I did print thr v4 for the EH3D version for this post, it looks very close to fiting, unfortunately I printed it with supports, so installing it won’t help, but I can sure take pics and measurements of any or all parts of it.

Anyone know off hand what size screws this takes for the 40mm fan?

Will any of these models fit with dual extruder and bltouch?

What does LPA mean or stand for? I just designed a duct similar to these with the jetted ring on the bottom, except mine is only 180º, would that then be 1/2 LPA?

Lmao !!
Look at my profile, you'll surely find what LPA stands for ;-)

Hi Elzariant,
I just ordered a TEVO Tarantula with auto platform leveling as well as dual metal flex extruder, which stl file would I use that will be compatible?


Hello Elzariant,

I've recently gotten a e3d, and I'd like to use your fan ducts, however with stock hotend I was having the problem the fanducts big f(l)at underside would sort of crash/brush into the paperclips holding the glass plate in place on the Y0, X150-200 position and basicly push the bed away from the hotend in that point.. Any ideas?

Comments deleted.

which one is the best for the standard printer?

The new v5 whose link is in the description (or in comment below)

Thank you very much Elzariant!!!

LPA Fanduct v5
LPA Fanduct v5.5 - E3Dv6/Stock hotends with 40mm fan

Which file is the right one for the stock DUAL hotend from Tevo with auto-leveling BLtouch sensot?


Comments deleted.

OOPS. Printed the e3D +BLtouch without support and made a mess.. D:

You've been too much adventurous ;-)
I suggest you to try the new v5 version ... but don't forget to add support for the sensor support

Thanks man your designs are beautiful

Hi, could i use the 'SN04N E3D Volcano' with an E3D V6 with standard nozzle?

Nope. But I designed a version for your setup : E3Dv6 with its standard nozzle and with SN04-N sensor. I never released it officially but I can send you the STL prototype.

Thanks! I would really appreciate it!

uploaded : SN04N-E3Dv6_quick&dirty.stl

Maybe you'll have to cut a part of the sensor support to avoid interference with the X-carriage wheels.

Thanks I'm printing it out tonight. I'll let you know how it comes out!

Which file is the right one for the stock hotend from Tevo without auto-leveling?


But this file has a mount for the auto-leveling sensor

I read "with" instead of "without". None_Tevo_Tevo then.

I noticed when I was printing a e3d fanduct with a 8mm sensor mount that the 8mm sensor mount extends into "the air flow chamber" (for a lack of a better description on my part) so there is little to no airflow past the sensor mount...

I'm printing this now and it has the same problem. Will it be corrected in the future? I need to get better with blender.

Unfortunately, I discontinued that version. You should now print v5 which is pretty more efficient : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1809465

LPA Fanduct v5

But I'm not fortunate enough to find a E3D version 5 for the 18mm dia. inductive sensor I have.

It's called "LPAFanduct_LJC18A3_Unified_v5.0.stl" in the files. It exists for both standard and Volcano nozzles.

File "LPAFanduct_LJC18A3_Unified_v5.0.stl" is not included in "LPA_Fanduct_v5.zip".

I printed the version with the 8mm sensor on the side. I noticed that when you move the x carriage all the way to the right, it hits the MKS board. Anyone have any good solutions to this?

Move the MKS Board off the rail... I personally like to keep as much weight off the rails as humanly possible even with a slight vibration it will exaggerate the vibration/movement leaving more noticeable artifacts on your print. It drives me crazy to see people mount a spool holder into the top rail

LPAFanduct_SN04N_Tevo_Tevo_v4.0 does not fit. when I mount it binds with this rail . Maybe needs the spacer?

yes exactly. Or print new X-carriage

I recently ordered a tevo tarantula with the pro metal dual extruder and plan on installing the bl touch on it when it gets here. Is one of these models capable of working for both requirements?

Nope unfortunately. I only released 2 models for Dual extruders : without sensor and with SN04N sensor. For BLTouch, I would suggest mount it on the rear side of the X-gantry. On FaceBook forum, someone did that mod.

hello, sorry for asking. in the bltouch there is a screw to adjust, i there any chance to support with this fan duct?

A screw to adjust on BLTouch ??? what do you mean ?

Ok, got the point.

I've adjusted the design for that purpose.

hello, sorry for my late reply. i see that you have know what i mean. thanks for editing for this. thanks a lot

Hey, any chance you could make a version for 8mm sensor + volcano please?

which hotend ? stock or E3Dv6 ?

E3Dv6 I believe, it seems to be the only one you're currently missing. I also noticed it wasn't there, but I figured I'll just buy the SN04 since you support it :P

Thanks for the models by the way

I've released a version for 8mm/E3Dv6/Volcano.

Awesome, thanks.

Sorry I didn't reply to your earlier message, I didn't know you had replied.

This is probably a silly question, but which way up should the E3DV6 cooling fan bracket be attached? With the lip at the top or bottom?

?? errrr ... what best suits to have the nozzle enough under the shroud.

Ah, okay, I assumed you had designed it to be the right height in a particular orientation.

Hi, is it possible to have a design for this that can be rear mounted? I like watching my prints happen :D Haha.

Can you tell me the corrected FW offsets for the OE autolevel sensor to the hot end??

What fan is everyone using for this? Does anyone have a link to purchase?

Many use the 40mm fan from Noctua as they are very quiet. But any 40mm fan can do the job.

Hi! Do you think about a e3d chimera setup with the BLTouch sensor? Thank you!

E3D Chimera is very close to the stockend setup (actually, I used the Chimera dual head to design the original fanduct). So the standard fanduct with BLTouch support should work properly.


could you maybe let me know your printing settings? i use black pla for the print, but not gtting very good results. it seems that the airchannels are closing during the print.
how many parimeters and top and bottom layers do you use and which layer height?
bets regards


I tried 2mm and 3mm layer height : both worked. I suggest 2 perimeters and 3 bottom and top layers. Your slicer must allow you to add custom supports for models with sensor mounts : ensure you removed every support inside the ring.

Is the side where the sensor is the only area where you need supports?

Also is "LPAFanduct_8mm_Tevo_Tevo_v4.0" the correct file for a stock nozzle with a 8mm bed leveling sensor? Wasn't sure if it was that file or "LPAFanduct_8mm_E3Dv6_E3Dv6_v4.0". Thanks in advance!

yes and yes ^^

Can you make one with a led mount say for 5630 led strip? Or integrate my led mount into your design with a 50mm fan... that would be nice.

I can hardly add a support for LED strip. My first though was to integrate it under the duct but it will sightly reduce the airflow :


Any plans to make a version for a dual V6 setup like the one in the modular x-axis mount? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1438795 Perhaps with a stock sensor? ^_^

Tevo Tarantula Modular X Car Basic, e3d 2x

Well, the purpose of a surrounding fanduct is to ... surround the nozzle. With dual heads, the most efficient cooling system remains the narrow airflow on both nozzles. The design for dual stock-heads I've made is really not efficient.

I'm having problems w/ the stock version w/ SN4 sensor. The top screw holes are too low not allowing me to insert long enough screws to reach through fan into heatsink. Its very close but w/ the stock 16mm (really needs a 20mm screw tho) screw it won't make the angle on the top 2 holes. if it were all shifted ~2mm up it would. Or making some half circle cutouts on top of the secondary fan mount to allow a straight shot at the holes. Wondering if i'm the only one having this problem? Granted i did print this b4 i calibrated my steps the holes do all line up for the fan still.

I understand your issue which exists on several versions (but not all). Half-circle cut-outs are now added.

thanks for making this, it looks like a really great upgrade - any chance you can make one for the e3dv6 (regular not volcano version) and an sn04n sensor?

I'm trying to print the version with the 8mm sensor mount, but slic3r shows many errors, and even after doing a repair on it, it does quite a bit of printing across the hole space where the hotend is supposed to go. How can we fix that?

Here there again question, any way to do one with a gap in the front for a dual extruder to use with the proximity sensor installed?

This is a nice design but I find there is not much airflow with the stock hot end and SN04-N option. Any ideas on how to get better airflow?

Can you make a version for use with a centrifugal fan (and 8mm sensor).

I did not design anything with that kind of fan as it exists adapters like this one :


It can be used to replace the 40mm fan with my "standard" 8mm fanduct.

40mm Axial Fan to 40mm Centrifugal Fan Adapter
by kmccon

It looks like the BLTouch mount of the BLTouch E3D v6 version will hit the X carriage.

It depends on the version of your acrylic X-carriage. You can add a Z-spacer (available here) to move down the fanduct so it passes under the carriage.

It's not possible to make a new modified version? The z spacer isn't an ideal solution, looks a bit sloppy.

Nope. There's no way except to reduce the diameter of the ring. But in that case, it increases the risk of soften (even melt) the ring as it will be too close to the hotend.
Another workaround is to replace the acrylic X-carriage with a compatible one ( available on thingiverse)

Tried to print it but the support (at the inside of the ring) fails because it's too small. I don't see how this can print without support.

Many people printed it without support. Personnaly I use few of them.

ca you do fanduct for e3d dual with 12mm sensor http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1438795

Tevo Tarantula Modular X Car Basic, e3d 2x

Yes as this is the modular X-carriage I also use.

but i have two fans so are this fit in for dual e3d

The modular carriage is supposed to have the same dimensions as the stock acrylic one. So the "Dual head" model should work. You'll need also to print the Z-spacer otherwise the ring will hit the X gantry.

But there is not two fans on fanduct

I just got your point. For Dual E3Dv6 there's no available design.

I need some fanduct for my dual e3d v6

Are the possible do that

How to use the spacers? Do I need them for the E3Dv6+8mm version?

It depends on your X-carriage. See link in description for more info.

It doesn't explain where to mount the spacer

Z-spacer is between the X-carriage and the heatsink.
Y-spacer is between the 30mm fan and the fanduct.

Z-spacer is recommended as it keeps the nozzle in the center of the fanduct.

I believe you know the issue with BLTouch hitting the print, is it possible to upload a version that has a 1mm higher mount for BLTouch

Hello, It's been corrected (v4.0.1). 1.5mm added

sadly I am using E3D V6 with Volcano nozzle :D, really sorry for the trouble

Can be sad for you but I think other people will appreciate the correction ;-)

Would you be so kind to edit for volcano too? Please?

You mean the 1-2 mm issue also exists with the volcano's version ?

yes that's what I am saying all along HAHA

BLTouch almost clears the print, ALMOST. So 1mm extra should be sufficient. For my own duct, I did sand away roughly 1mm to clear my print

v4.0.1 uploaded for this model too. Sorry Auggie246, I did not get your point from the beginning ;-)

are the offsets listed updated for v4.0.1? is it still y -3.4?

Yes. I've only adjusted the height of the sensor support. That does not change anything for the offsets.

What size fan is used for the duct?

Hello, it's for 40mm fan

Any chance of doing an 8mm sensor with an E3D V6?

I just posted it for you James ;-) ... you can test it and tell me if it's alright.

You are the man! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

These look great! Thank you for putting your time into this!