PokeBall - Fully Functional with Button and Hinge

by MrFozzie Jun 8, 2016
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I recently printed this pokeball but I am having trouble with the button. It won't fit.

Hi, I have also just finished printing this, I also had trouble getting the button to work so what I ended up doing was using a raft from an old print and then cut it to shape and glued it in place, I ended up using that as a spring button instead, hope you understand this and that it helps

Hey, i am fairly new to 3d printing and i love your design. I am just a bit confused as to which files to download as there seems to be multiple for the same parts, I don't know what the difference is better the 3mm parts and the smaller ones and which ones marry up with the others. Can you help?

Would you mind if I made a YouTube video on your design?! Please follow me on Instagram @mr_g_3d and message me

Yes that is okay.

Thank you very much for publishing this file, as well as the whole collection of other balls.
Your design is definitely the smartest i came accross - easy to print - easy to assemble.

I do have one suggestion though : i would have added one additional alignement notch at the back, above the hinge - as the outer shell can still swing front to back and be slightly missaligned. Three points would be good :)

I started to print every balls of the collection you published yet.
I'll be sanding, preping, painting, and varnishing them at high gloss. Keep an eye out for the collection pics afterward :3

I really hope you are still arround somewhere reading this and that you will publish more of them :)
Thanks again.

Thanks for your kind words, I do still come by here occasionally and I do hope to find the time to revisit this project. It is good to hear you are enjoying them and I will keep my eyes open for your pics!

Hello there i just made the support. i have the pokaball plus from the game pokémon let's go pikachu on nintendo switch. And it's work perfectly :)

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saw the video, the guy says simplify has bugs and he wound up using Cura. HAHAHA so glad I never wasted $150 on Simplify.
Heck, my printer cost $150.

You do realize that video is over two years old, right?

I am about to print my second one because my toddler son loves the first one so much that he has warn out the hinge. BTW, the red top looks even better if you use translucent filament for it.

What's the best way to smooth out the inside of the domes? I cant seem to pry off enough of the supports for it to sand properly (the sharp bits are just tearing through my sandpaper) and I cant seem to fit a file into there.

I printed this and for some reason the middle grid when put together didn't lay flat there were gaps and part of the mechanism for the button on the inner grid part just didn't print as well both grids won't seem to fit in the lid and bottom they just pop out I am really confused about it and a response would be apreciated if you would like I can attach the pictures of the grid part with the gap.

I'm just glad to see that this is one of the few pokeballs that open with the button on top.

Hey Mr. Fozzie

I completely understand if you don't want to. I know you are a very busy guy. I am a huge fan of the PokeBalls that you have created. The ones you have created thus far are unlike any I have seen before. Science fair is coming up and I wanted to use your master ball design as part of the process and I understand I would have to 3D Print it and obviously give you credit in your design here. The only 2 problems are with that 1.) The teacher won't let me print them because they have to be created from here which is completely understandable. That's not really a big issue. See I want to be able to understand the concept and try to understand your design a little better not to steal your idea just to fully understand how you do what you do because it all interest me. I won't steal anything from you or take any of your credit this is all yours and I accept that 100%. I was just wondering if at some point you could privately teach me your concept on how you make these? If you can. It would greatly be appreciated and help me with any data for my Science fair project. All credit and any data in this will go to you in every way. Thank you for your time :).

also forgot was going to say i'm a Senior in a Vocational High School now. Got into 3D Printing last year and it has really been and interest to me. Again it would be greatly appreciated :).

any idea when the rest will be finished? would love to have the entire set of balls

Hi there! I was wondering if you could remix this file to make the new Beast Ball as well? I love how easy and accessible you've made this print, and I can't wait to try my hands at it!

Beast Ball photo: https://www.models-resource.com/resources/big_icons/20/19350.png

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I'll be printing a Premier Ball out of this, just have to print the black parts red and the red parts white!

So did i before seeing your post. That's one more to the collection only swaping colors ^^

Where did you decide to add glue when permanently connecting the inner shell and the red and white halves?

The "supported" inner top and bottom seem to be missing first layer of the circle support which causes it to fail. Using Cura with Flux Studio. I did manage to print one, but because the support misses some steps it comes out rough and many layers are stringing. Flux Studio does not allow me to modify this... so any fix would greatly help. Thanks!

edit - switched to slic3r and no longer have this problem.

For futur people attempting slicing; you may need to activate [detect thin walls] option in slic3r to fill that seam. It is required at default scale.
This thin wall makes removing the support ring very easy.

Thanks for sharing your design. It looks excellent. I'm currently in the process of printing all the parts for it. I noticed that the supports don't work very well for the inner shells because the edge that needs to be supported comes to a point at the bottom, so nothing gets printed until that edge widens out to .4 mm, which leaves a pretty large gap between that edge and the underlying support. I was able to fix it for myself using Blender which took a while, but I thought I'd point it out in case you felt like revising your own files.

Could i grab the original files from you? i would like to make a few changes to the button mechanism. i really like your design but i think the button mechanism could use a little work, i have notice that when closed it is fairly easy to just pull the ball open, also the button does not feel like a real button, i think if it had a bit more give to it, it would be better. your help would be greatly appreciated on this thanks

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Hello ! =D
Great design here ! Thank you so much for sharing it !
Just to be sure : except the top part, all of the pokeballs are the same ?

Yes only the lids vary for each PokeBall.

What orientation and settings do you print the stand? I've tried the default way when opening in cura and the normal orientation and have had no success. Printing with support too.

I print the way it stands with support holding the bit directly holding the pokeball

Hi,any chance of a new version of the internal black shell that does not have the crisscross?

It would be a lot easier to print and not need all that support if it was cut off about where the crisscross starts so it would sit flat on the printer bed. I can cut it myself in but then still has the start of the narrow crisscross unless I cut so high that I lost part of the black that shows around the button. Since you have the original code maybe you could just remove the narrow crisscross part for another variation on the internal black shell?

Can you not cut off the bottom in the slicing software? Up to just where the support ends? Either way that is something I can quite easily, look out for it in the coming days, I will probably do it as a remix as I do not want to add to many more files to choose from in the downloads section.

Thanks... but I think I will wind up going with a different version of the pokeball that looks to be an easier print requiring less support but with same functionality. Since I need to make several if I use for party favors, need to have a quicker/easier print. But your version certainly looks good.

First of all, a big thank-you to MrFozzie - this is one of the best designed, professional looking and exciting 3D prints on Thingiverse. Well done. I built this for my son's 10th birthday and he went absolutely ballistic.

I printed this at 150% scale for a nice, large size container and everything scaled brilliantly. The end result snapped together seamlessly with no additional effort, like magic.

Build notes: I built at 0.1 mm extrusion using PLA (black, red and white). I found the best settings for me were 215C at the nozzle and 60C on the printbed; this is a little higher than I usually use for PLA but was perfect for this large (150%) print. I used brims for stabilizing any supports. I did not use supports for the upper and lower lids; this resulted in a smooth inside finish. I used infill at 80% - I wanted the rigidity and as MrFozzie points out, it really doesn't use too much more filament (statistically, 80% infill is just about as strong as 100% infill yet builds faster). A special note on hinge sizing: print the 1.75mm black top/bottom insert models. Then print the 3mm hinge pin model - but first scale the length (for me it was the X-axis) by 150% and leave the depth and the height as-is. The resulting pin is a perfect fit.

Build times for 150% at 0.1: Top/Bottom lids 20 hours each; top/bottom inserts 10 hours each; buttons (printed together) 1 hour; and stand was 9 hours; all for a total of 70 hours of print time. Yup, takes a while, but the end product and the reaction from my son was ENTIRELY WORTH IT. Thank-you!

Thank you very much, your feedback and comments really do mean a lot so it is great to hear you have had great success with this and that it has brought happiness. I hope your son continues to enjoy it and that you do many great things together in the future.

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I am new to do the 3D printing world and I decided to make this first. The build was pretty straight forward and easy. I only had a problem with the outer button smaller STL. I had to sand it down quite a bit, probably shaved about half of the outer circle away. I also had to thin it out to make it fit into the slots. Not sure if it's because I did something wrong or because of the model. If there's something I can do to improve it, I'll try any suggestions. Thanks!

For a first print this would have been quite challenging since parts have to fit together, I would say getting the exact right amount of extrusion and some size calibration may help things if parts do not fit for you but do for other people, I can not tell you what the success ratio is for this, early on there were a lot fo issues but makes seem to be coming out with realively few problems now, I would just say print some cubes and measure them to see if they are coming out the right size

Ok, I built one of these. Comments:

Despite the new, smaller button, I had a lot of knifing and sanding to get the buttons to fit.

I have screwed up the hinge. I have filament jammed into both sides. Also, the main reason to print this is for a little kids costume.

So, if I printed all parts at about 70% of listed size, and used the 3mm inserts, do you think it would work with 1.75mm filament?

Sorry to hear about your difficulties, at 70% size the tolerances will be even tighter but filament wise for the hinge that should work.

I think both of my printers are pushing out a little too much filament. The holes are too small. I think I am going to try and drill them out to 2mm if i can find the right bit.

It is very difficult to get all printers extruding exactly the same, I find with my settings i only have to make a 0.125mm gap for things to fit but this has proven too tight for many people

hey um MrFozzie someone stole your model and they aren't giving you credit here is the link http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1708499

PokeBall - Pokemon Ball with Button and Hinge

and also could you upload that net ball model?

Net Ball model is uploaded! It may be very difficult to print the net part but you can see if you can manage it if you want and I may get round to working on some designed support to help it at some point.

Also thanks for letting me know, he has credited me (I am not sure when that was added or if it was there when he made it) but there is not much I can really do and as long as people keep posting comments and makes then this will forever be the 'Official' version that people will find when they look.

maybe he/she got scared when i said im going to tell you so they gave you credit

Made one of these and a few more Pokémon items! Check out the video! https://youtu.be/P-kjLX5mHLY

Nice video and great print! Best of luck with your channel I would like to see time lapses of the prints, thats is what I liked best when watching Barnacules and 3DPrintingNerd

Thanks for the nice feedback! Will have more videos shortly! subscribe!!

hey MrFozzie i have a request, can you make a Net ball?

Sorry for the very late reply I have been kinda busy, but yes I can I already have the files as it turns out, it was unreleased due to the net part being very hard to print but I will set aside some time to release a few new PokeBalls.

HI Fozzie. Am in the processes of printing all 3 different Pokeballs. =0) Just wondering if you were going to do the master ball any time?

I have the design for the master ball but I will not be able to print it since I do not have the right colours or paints, I can double check the design and make sure the tolerances are okay and upload untested if you like?

Sorry for the delay in reply. Yes please I'd love to see the design. =0) Yeah I'm trying to work out the right colour scheme myself. =0( I have a little nephew who's a little obsessed with Pokemon Go. So am going to try and make the four different pokeballs for him to give at Christmas. =0)

I will try my best to get a few new PokeBalls released soon.

I have never seen this ball before but that is interesting

Awesome work. I just started a print before I found this but I will immediately start making this once my current print is done.
The Great Ball and the Ultra Ball look just as amazing as this.
I personally would like to see a Cherish Ball or a Repeat Ball one day.
Thank you so much.

Thanks I am glad you like it! Yes I would also like to one day make every PokeBall but I am so short for time at the moment however I will try my best to get these completed even if I have not test printed them myself. The cherish ball will be hard since it is not actually a sphere and looks quite different but I have some ideas on how to achioeve this with the current parts only slightly modified.

I have printed all the pieces but when I try to construct it, the two black pieces (near the button area) there is a gap when I close it. How do I fix this???

This is usually due to the Outer Button being a little too big and not slotting into the black parts properly preventing it from closing, I would try sanding the outer button in thickness and diameter.

Thanks I will give that a try. I'll let you know if it worked successfully

It worked perfectly, thanks so much

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Is this scale-able at all while still being functional? Looking to make a mini pokeball collection! Thinking down to about 50%

Realistically no since the tolerances are tight and the button is hard enough already to print functionally but your welcome to have a go and post the result!

Guess i'll have to give it a go! Haha. Want to build a small one for my daughter :)

Managed to get it together for a dry run. Wasn't actually any issues print wise. Only issue is you can't use 1.75mm filament, this occurred to me kind of late... (After printing everything). I got around it using one of the skirt layers which is .4mm. Holds well enough! sanding and painting tomorrow then i'll get some pics up for others!

Sounds good I can't wait to see the result!

Added a couple of photos for you and others to see incase they want to print small ones :) Mine is 50% of your original size. Still havn't had time to sand and paint though! Printed using black PLA that came with my printer. It's a tighter fit though so i'll have to press the lid to the inner part a little harder then usual to get a proper round circle.

I printed the Outer Button Smaller however when I try to assemble it, they are really tight and I have to force it to go all the way through. How is the button supposed to work with it so tight? What is the difference between Outer Button Smaller and Outer Button?

I think I answered my own question but I want to be sure. Does the inner button actually move within the outer button or is it 2 separate parts just for easy of printing/assembly?

The inner button is meant to move around 1mm without moving the outer button. The two bumps on the inner button is meant to push back the black part sticking out of the inner shell bottom to release it from the inner shell top. The Outer Button Smaller had a larger tolerance with the inner shells and did not widen the tolerance between the inner button and outer button. I hope this answers your questions.

Maybe I just have to clean it up a bit then but it's very tight. How easy is it supposed to be to push?

Between the inner and outer button as frictionless as possible, it does require a bit of force to press the button when fully assembled to release it and you need to press the button and pull the lid up at the same time, it should hopefully be easier than opening without pressing the button.

I am having a hard time with the button and button collar. The button always ends up with a bit of dropped filament wen it gets to teh outer edge where it is unsupported. And the collar part seems to have a similar problem. AM I missing something obvious?

No this does happen if printed unsupported, however I do not think it is an issue as the button should still fit inside and be held in place.

Do you think I could sell this? I could display your name if you wanted. I would be selling less than five.

Sure, display my name, show them where you got it from and go for it.

Thank you very much. Now I just have to fix my printer that just got bricked in a firmware update.

I found a guy who prints this and sells it!

edit: and even some of the other balls!


Hi, thanks for letting me know. Obviously I can't speak on behalf of the designers for the rest of the things he sells but there is nothing much I can do about this and it does not bother me as much as it perhaps should do.

When you press the button, dont you need a spring of sort to make the button push smooth? I have a feeling if I tried to push the button it would be very loose and not spring back, am I right or wrong?

Sorry for the slow reply. The button presses against a cantilever in the inner shells and uses the flex in the plastic to act as a spring. I will admit it does not feel massively springy and the travel is small however at least in the prints I have done it does allow the lid to be opened and click shut when the button is not pressed.

So how smooth would you describe the push of the button as?

Sorry for the slow reply and quite smooth but travel is short and the force to press quite high.

in my list of things to print at the weekend :) thank you.

Awesome I hope you enjoy it

How did you get those sweet renderings in the seventeenth to last photo?!

I rendered them myself with the CAD model of the PokeBall

which CAD program were you using?

Very sorry for the slow reply I did not know I had this comment but SolidWorks built in Photoview.

Damn you.... seriously... now I'm going to have to print this... dammit... You are making work for me sir.... But I think you might have done it, this looks like the pokeball I've always wanted.

I hope the end result lives up to expectations and I look forward to seeing the end result of the hard work that I have caused you!

I have remixed a lot of pokeball designs for the "with magnetic clasp" pokeball made by CarryTheWhat. But their design was never what I wanted. Then I saw this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:645246 and was contemplating remixing it to make the perfect pokeball. The button needed a lot of work though, and the use of metal parts wasn't ideal. But it looks like you have pretty much done it. A spring loaded button would be nice though.

Working pokeball / Pokeball fonctionnelle
by Cerb

Yes that is one of the PokeBalls I printed to find I could not get it to work due to not having the metal parts required. So that is why I avoided all parts that could not be printed on a 3D printer in my design. However I agree that the demand seems to be high enough for a spring loaded button and enough people are struggling with the current button (which I hope some new tolerancing released today might fix) that I will start work soon on trying to make the best easy print spring loaded mechanism I can.

1.75 filament used for hinge, same used to print inner lid, won't slide in. I tried pliers but cannot push it in.

I am sorry to hear this I made the hole 1.8mm so I had hoped it would fit, have you tried measuring the hole or the filament with calipers to see where the problem lies? I hope this works out for you and does not ruin the build process and enjoyment.

Filament is 1.72. Maybe it is related to vertical shells in slic3r causing diameter to get smaller. I just used the defaults with my printer. I used fishing wire instead and it's ok. The button not really working isn't ideal. Personally I think it's good enough but my son is not pleased and said I should have printed the spring loaded model instead. But that failed to print well for me. If you could incorporate the spring load button plus increase diameter of hinge slightly that would be better.

I forgot to mention it does look very nice and thanks for making it.

Okay I will look into it, send my apologies to your son. I purposefully went away from a spring mechanism since I wanted to create every PokeBall and I do not have enough pens to take apart to make all of them but if this is what people want then I will make it an option so look out for that in the future if you wish.
Thanks very much for the feedback, it is the most valuable thing you can give me when I have to design for many types of printer and slicer while only owning one. I will fine tune the design and hopefully make the button work for everyone else as well as it does for me.

I think the button is mostly fine the more I think about it. It's all about expectations. For me I don't need to literally press it in and understand I can apply a little pressure to pop it open. My son otoh expected it to behave like an actual button where you push it in to open. If I never showed him the spring loaded explanation he would never have even known I bet.

sanded all parts , but cant seem to get the press button to work , just dont seem to press in , any help would be great

I have the same problem too, it seems the button is stuck and doesn't produce a pressing feel. By the way, is there something that should be in the holes connecting the inner button and inner shell top?

It appears my tolerances are too tight, the button does not have a very tactile feel but when I print it It allows me to open it very easily compared to it being stuck shut when it is not pressed.

As for the hole, you can put a 3mm filament through there as a guiding hole but it is not neccesary.

Hello, recently i have made this design with my printer, it is a great design but has a few draw backs. the main problem i had was with the snap-clasp. Whenever i snapped it shut the clip would not hold itself together very well, second the button only pushes in on the bottom and not on the top, as well as it only pushing on the bottom , pushing it doesn't seem to make much of a difference in how hard it is to open. The main thing that i love about this print is the look and the hidden hinge, so i have taken your design and flushed the clasp system and have replaced it with a pen spring system, this will make it able to push everywhere on the button and will make it a useful part of the ball. I will be posting it shortly as a remix.

Hey man, I've printed this version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:411193 and the remix for the greatball. He uses the spring from a pen to open his balls, but I'm interested in printing this design because of the Ultra Ball remix available. Can you post it soon, as in maybe today? =)


Pokeball (with button-release lid)

The Ultra Ball is being uploaded as I type this, it is as of yet not printed by me but I will print and update the page, I will however release just the STLs early for you. (I will edit this reply to let you know when it is public).

EDIT: Here it is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1675718

Ultra Ball - Fully Functional PokeBall with Button and Hinge

awesome!! thanks man!

Thank you for the feedback! New design sounds good this should help those people having problems with the clasp mechanism I look forward to seeing it and having a go with it.

Hey man any idea when the Premier ball will be available? Thanks for such a great design!! Will be printing tonight.

You can use the same files as the PokeBall to do the Premier Ball, Just print both lids in white, the buttons in white and the inner shells in red. If you are unsure I can get a Premier Ball thing posted on here in the near future with pictures and instructions.

Great model, but when slicing the black parts with the support. my slecing program doesn't make the support solid.

Didn't slice correctly for me either in Cura. The very 'top' 2-3 layers of the support ring is missing between the ring and the start of the ball. 0.4mm nozzle. 0.2mm layer height

Okay thank you, what layer height are you using so I can judge the distance that needs to be added.

EDIT: Sorry somehow missed the end of your comment. Ill add 0.2mm and see if this makes things better, I want to ensure the ring does not become permanently attached.

EDIT AGAIN: I see you may have modified that in, my bad this has been a confusing couple of minutes.

What slicer do you use? The manual support is a 0.5mm line, what size is your nozzle?

I'm using Lulzbut version of Cura, and yes 0.5 nozzle. (here is a pic http://imgur.com/fCtObrG)
I've already printed the white and red parts those came out good.

I see yes when a line is the exact size of the nozzle it does not slice properly, I have encountered the same issue in the past, you could try setting your nozzle size to just under 0.5mm and see if the slicing does it okay. If not does Cura correctly generate support for this part?

Ok searched around the internet and i think what u mean by "try setting your nozzle size to just under 0.5mm" the shell thickness im trying this now. Thank you

You were right; when i change the nozzle size lower the support ring will be solid again, but this is only @<0.30 and i think that the print would't come out that good with my 0.5mm nozzle.
I tried today using the support gerneration from Meshmixer but that didnt came out that smooth. and Cura would't give support to the outer ring.
Can't you make a version were u make the support thicker?

Did you ever have any luck with this? I'm having the same issue...

Let me know how it goes, my 0.4mm nozzle has no issues so I was hoping you would not have to go as far dow as 0.3mm.

hey I am printing your poke ball right now. i really love the easy print and the hinge is amazing.the hinge is the best way of dealing with the issue of a hinge not being seen in the anime. the only issue i have so far is the clasp that holds the ball close is a little weak. i was wondering if there is any way you could strengthen the part and add more spring? thanks for the great print

Hi glad you like it! What material are you printing with? Is the clasp snapping off? It was a fine balance between strength and flex and it was difficult to get both but I will look into it and if I come up with a better design I will be sure to upload it. Thanks for the feedback!

I snapped mine off (the clasp on the bottom). I have to reprint anyway (my extrusion wasn't clean) but I wanted to let you know I have broken the clasp! It isn't a big deal. I love, love, love this! I already have one of my kids friends ask me to make her one!!
Thank you!

What plastic did you use to make this? Just would like to know if ABS shrinkage needs to be accounted for when printing.

I used PLA and have not tried ABS, tolerances are quite tight so you may need to.

How did you combat the PLA curling up on the middle inner pieces? I'm having issues printing both at the same time where my printer knocks the center disk off because the plastic curls up even with my fan on full.


I'm trying to print your nice PokeBall, but the Inner_Shell_Top and Inner_Shell_Bottom are non manifold. Do you have a way to easily fix those parts or can you share the original cad file(s)?
Could you also provide a 1.75mm version ?

Great job.

Hi I am not sure what you mean by non manifold and yes I will provide a 1.75mm version that is a good idea I will get it done as soon as I can.

Great news for the 1.75mm version !!! I'll wait for them.

A non manifold object is an object that is not a closed volume. It has holes that make it sort of hollow (For example if you pour water in it, it will leak...) Such object are not "real" 3D objects and it is not possible to determine what is the inside and what is the outside.
I'm really not sure I'm clear ;-) I've probably reached the limit of my English skills ;-)

To make it sort, my slicer has some trouble to slice those parts !!


I understand what you mean now I will run the files through software to fix them and reupload, I did not have any issues in my slicing using Cura but I will fix them anyway since there is no harm in doing so, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks. What tool do you use for modeling ?

I use SolidWorks

Do you mind sharing your sw parts ? I could make the 1.75mm version if you want.

I prefer to not share the original files since I spent a lot of time working out exactly how the pokeballs should be sorry.

Ok. Thans anyway

I have added the 1.75mm version and a version with support built in. I have also run the parts through meshmixer so I hope you have better luck printing this time.

Great. I just finished printing the inner parts (1.75mm) without any problem.
I'll post pictures when I'm done with the assembly.

Thanks glad you like it, hope it prints well!