Combination Ball/Bit/Ring Gag With Tongue Depressor

by nimaidet Jun 9, 2016
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Came across this while looking for something funny to print (searched for "gag"). No judgements at all, but I think someone should point out that there might be a choking risk with this if printed in the orientation shown in the image.

You may already know this, but objects printed with FDM have a kind of a grain, in that they are generally less strong in the Z/vertical direction than they are in the X and Y. That's because cracks can develop between the layers. If the object was printed in the shown orientation, the tongue depressor would be prone to breaking off.

That seems like that could be really dangerous, leading to a situation where the person using it had a throat-sized piece of plastic falling down their throat while they're possibly bound or otherwise incapacitated.

Suggestion: either 1) be sure to print this with the tongue depressor flat, so that it can benefit from the additional strength in the XY direction as well as crosslinks from whatever fill pattern you use, or maybe 2) remove the tongue depressor as a 3d printed component and instead integrate a slot that allows you to glue a wooden (and therefore somewhat flexible) tongue depressor.

Have fun, and stay safe!