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by jetty Jan 19, 2012
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I picked up a buzzer at Radio Shack (I was suprised, they still have a pretty decent selection of random little components). It's a pulsed one, but it works fine, since its pulses are much faster than the beeps commanded by the firmware. 90dB @ 12V, 12mA. Not too annoying, but I can hear it from the back room.

eried has suggested to me that you could also use this for triggering a camera via gcode. Just make sure you select Buzzes 1 and Repeats 1 and follow the instructions below for the Foghorn interface.

Would it theoretically be possible to use the buzzer output to trigger a relay, powering a larger buzzer? I have a 120DB marine engine overspeed buzzer+lamp that I would love to use for this purpose, but it takes 12V at 2A... Is the output 5V continuous? or 5V modulated?

Sure, if you want to wake up the neighbors. Cool. Hey, how about a ships "Foghorn" :-) Um honey, I think my print's done. It's 5V continuous, the 20ma is because of the pin limitation. So if you have a relay that's coil side requires less than 20ma, use that. If it requires more, use a transistor to drive the coil. Note that anytime you drive a coil you need a diode to prevent back EMF from damaging your Arduino. You could also use a MOSFET to drive it (still need the protection diode) and dispense with the relay, at the expense of a little less protection of your Motherboard from the 12V.

Months ago I ordered 5 buzzers in ebay very cheap: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5pc-Tone-Alarm-Ringer-Active-Buzzer-1-5V-3v-6v-12V-12B-/290576011848?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0http://www.ebay.com/itm/5pc-To...
amp;hash=item43a7ae1248 installed one in my ToM and it is working perfectly with Jetty's firmware!