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Protective PINDA Hat for Original Prusa i3 MK2 / MK2S

by TheChrisP Jun 9, 2016
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Made for S, thanks!

Prints perfectly in ABS. Fits perfectly the pinda thread. Thanks! ;)
Now started first print and I think it melted a bit because it touches the screw on the extruder. Might be a good idea to make it a bit smaller.

Thanks for the report. What strange is that I do not have this issue on my mk2.

However I'll make a smaller version. Can you just tell me what distance you have between the protector and the hot part of the extruder ?

Print finished and I looked at it once again and more closely. It did not actually "melt". The ABS is not liquefied like PLA from that guy below my comment ;-) You just clearly see that it gets hot so the area is notched a bit but no tragedy. I think I'll just leave it like that.

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately your probe protector does melt as it is too big and to close to the hot end. Because of this it can damage prints because liquefied filament from the probe hat is drooling onto the bed.

See my make for details...

I remixed this PINDA protector and put it on my TinkerCAD page. I made it so that it has a 20mm diameter and tapers to try and remove any gap that may exist between the tip of the PINDA probe and the inside edge of the PINDA protector.

Hi Crunch3D,

thanks for the feedback.

But as stated in the description, "Being very close to the heater block, I strongly encourage to use ABS or heat resistant material and to avoid PLA"