HTC Vive HMD Minimalist Wall Mount

by rigelbot Jun 10, 2016
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merci beaucoup à vous pour le partage :)

No, I'm not. That's definitely violating my non-commercial license for this thing..

I've always been confused about the non commercial license thing for this site. It seems if someone downloads a model, prints it, finishes it, paints it, etc etc.. that they could still sell the model while giving you credit for the model creation. There are times I have thought the non commercial thing applied to the file itself not makes of it... however, I've gone back and forth on this after seeing various opinions and even makers giving permission to people to sell makes of their models while having a non commercial license on it.

Its all very confusing. (It wasn't me on ebay btw, just chiming in.)

Personally, I didn't put this design up on the internet to make a quick buck. I simply wanted to contribute to the maker/VR community by allowing others to print/modify my design. I liken this community closer to GitHub than eBay.

That said, I have been to parties in my own city where my design has been printed and fixed to the wall. I asked the owner where they got it from (they didn't know I designed it) and they said they bought it online. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, here is an example of the exact person I would want to benefit from my design (indie vr developer) but on the other, I feel a bit shafted considering someone else is clearly profiting from my work. Nothing is stopping me from pulling my thingiverse page and starting an eBay/Amazon/etsy store but that reaction would fly in the face of why I wanted to share the files to begin with.

Would be great to have a way to mount this from a desk using clamps. Maybe a way to slot these clamps in: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1371506

Headphone Hanger - Universal - Fits Any Desk/Table/Shelf

Works well, but it keeps hitting the button on the left side, turning it on. Might want to put a bump on the left arm so the button isn't pressed. Also, may want to spread the screws out further so the arms don't sag over time. Nice job though!

damnit i wish i saw this post before I printed this.

yeah, but few moves with file do the trick ;) and holes you can redrill if needed... but as you say...damn I didnt saw this sooner :D

Hacky97 already remixed it to solve this problem -> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1624894

remix of HTC Vive HMD Minimalist Wall Mount
by Hacky97

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it