The Quantum ORD Bot

by bdring, published

The Quantum ORD Bot by bdring Jan 19, 2012



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This is the Quantum ORD Bot. It is 3D printer mech platform made from MakerSlide linear bearing. It is extremly ridged and very easy to build. The design can easily be scaled in X,Y and/or Z by simply changing the Makerslide lengths plus belt and leadscrew lengths. This is the mini or 'Quantum' version. The parts other than MakerSlide are either off the shelf standard items or easily fabricate with a laser cutter, 3D printer or CNC router. There is a blog post giving a lot more detail.


As a reference point, this size uses less than $15 worth of Makerslide extrusion. You also need about $45 worth of MakerSlide wheels, spacers, etc. The Makerslide parts are available at the MakerSlide store. Be aware the rail is released in weekly 'production batches' and sells out very quickly. It is 'restocked' on weekly basis.

I have attached the complete 3D design in STEP format plus a DXF of the flat parts. If I can generate enough interest, I may have about 50 sets of parts fabricated and offer kits. That would be for the mechatronics platform only. The extruder, electronics, etc would not be included.

Why spend $200 for a set of printed parts when you can have everything you see here, including motors, belts, pulleys for about $200?

Planned changes.

  1. I plan to change the crossbar handle thing to an extrusion to make it more scalable.
  2. The 'quantum' design currently uses NEMA14 motors. I plan to tweak the parts to be compatible with NEMA17. This just adds a second pattern to some parts.


Use the DXF or 3D STEP file to create the parts with a laser cutter, 3D Printer or CNC router.

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original aluminum extrusion lengths?

Check the wiki for links to the BOM and CAD drawings:


There are a ton of photos on the http://buildlog.netbuildlog.net web site.  Documentation and 3D source files are also there.  A few people are selling kits for them too.

I am interested in building an ORD BOT.  All I see in posts and youtube is how fast it is.  What I am interested in is the print/surface quality.  I can't find anywhere where there are specs on X, Y, and Z resolution.  Or, all the yooutube videos I find show it printing like crazy but the video ends before you can see the final part.

Are the specs published anywhere?  I was planning on purchasing the kit from automation technologies with their electronics, and everything.  Is this a good package for the ORD?

Would some people show some photos of finished parts so we can se the print quality?


I regularly print at 200% speed (normal is 40mm/second, so 80mm/second) and the parts come out great. The key is to start at 100% speed for the first 3 or 4 layers to ensure adhesion to the plate, then crank up the speed at the LCD/Control. Here is a picture of a part I printed with these settings... http://i.imgur.com/9fOLV3M.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/9fOLV3M.jpg .The parts are accurate to +- .001".

Is this package still available ??

The are some kits for sale at Automation Technologies Inc

i can buy all working kit from where? :-$

Kits are being procured with a 4-6 week delivery. You can reserve a kit at the MakerSlide Store. There are two sizes, the Quantum and the Hadron.


I'm trying to reserve one, but there's nowhere to click at in the Quatum page?

please let me know...

thanks :)

I sold all 100 units in a few days. I may be doing a second round.'

BTW: We are regularly printing at 400 mm/sec with 1000mm/sec moves on Marlin. The extruder is the limiting factor right now, but we are trying to fix that.

Go to pumping station one on 3/14/12 (pi day!) to see a couple of them printing.

This is a very nice and clean design. Can't wait to get the DIY kit in my hands, now that our reservations are close to 100. Looks like 90% went for the bigger sized Hadron ORB Bot.

It would be so nice to have the Y axis with an A4 size, that would make the ORB really unique. In that case only the Y makerslide would have to increase to approx 30cm (and the relevant belt to suit the new size).

This is pretty non techy, but how do you plan to handle the filament feed. Are you using filament on a spool? If so, how to you intend to mount it? Are you using coiled filament but without a spool, again how to feed without jamming?

Yes, it could use a cool looking spool holder. My 11 year old daughter built this temporary one for me. It works really well for now, but it could be prettied up a little. There is a 5mm shaft with a bunch of bearings on it that the spool rides on.


Looks nice! But I think you meant rigid, not ridged, unless you mean all the cool grooves in the slides. :)

I started a buildlog on the progress of the build.


Stop by and give advice if I am doing something foolish.

So far i have all the motors and extruder running. I was waiting for the extruder bracket, which I just got :)

I added a picture showing the design for the bracket I plan to use with my MakerGear extruder head. A friend is lending me an MK7 to test fit as well. The part should be fabricated on Monday.

Nice Design, looks solid and clean. Well done.

The first thing I would do If I were you would be to start a kickstarter project. Which, if given enough supporters, be able to produce a mass amount of kits on the cheap.

Aluminium working with steel or aluminium working with steel.

How durable are those makerslides? Anyone used them for some real work?

The design uses dual bearing Delrin V wheels on aluminum rail. There is no aluminum to steel contact. I have tested steel wheels on hard coated aluminum, but that would be overkill for this size application.

Been waiting to see a Makerslide design, and this is a good one at that! A couple things:

1) Could you invert the X-axis NEMA14 so it's "post up"? My thinking is for dual-extrusion it offers more space for the extruder platform to have stuff sticking off of it. Otherwise you're stuck with a bowden setup, which is overcomplicated for an otherwise simple design.

2) For the HBP concerns,
I would try to go with "standards" - make the Quantum fit Huxley or ToM dimensions so the parts are easy to source, and then like another posted said, make a version that is sized for Prusa beds.

3) Any plans for electronics storage / wire management? It's pretty open so I'm assuming no.

3) Count
me in for a set of parts. Let us know how you want to handle that.


Thanks. I also got some good feedback from all the printer folks at ORD Camp.

Here is my plan right now. The X slider is going to be replaced with an angle bracket that is compatible with several extrusion heads. The size is going to stay the same (Huxley, ToM) for initial testing then a larger version will be built. An electronics setup is going to be made for the RAMPs
controller + P/S.

All parts are on order and I should start testing soon.

Thank you for all the input. Everyone makes good, but conflicting suggestions :-D

I am going to try all the available heated platforms to make sure there is as common a solution for everyone as possible. It will still be scalable up after that, but you are on your own for some items.

Im currently looking to manufacture some huxley sized heat beds if your interested?

I am interested in that. I want to make sure I cover all sizes. right now I am prototyping it at the size shown.

Just what I am planning to build.


Great design! I think 135 square makes this a decent alternative to the Huxley. What's the chances of getting a parts list / cut list together for us?

I can put together a a BOM within the next week. I need to settle on the final size for the baseline unit.

It looks like a compact unit... shoot for a decent build area, like 300x300x300

I really dont see the need for such a large platform... if you try to heat it you just end up needing that much bigger of a psu and with such a small printer that doesnt make sense. Ive got 140mm sq on my huxley... 135 is just as well and would work with most wide rolls of kapton that are easily available. My vote is to stick with 135 for the 'quantum' and then look at something like 200 or 220 using the prusa build platform for the large one. I think Im with Pazu about building one of these.

Very Nice!

If you do decide having a go at a kit, make print area something like: 210x300xZ!

This would enable users to:
A) Users or their friends get a very real feel for the print surface and walk around with a sheet that size and: "Oh, I can print this and this... !?".

B) Buy a very thin A4 polycarbon
ate sheet for their printsurface, as PLA stick very firmly to that material. Trick is, to put very little cooking oil on the surface then it just pops right of!

Besides saving users or soon to be the hassle with tape and whatnot... Its easy to find sheets of Lexan/Makrolon or whatever brand name t
hose go by.