Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed Spacer

by Sumpy Jun 11, 2016
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Love this mod.

In case anyone is curious, I am used the following glass: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BYJQH79/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

This glass has cut off corners so the screws are accessible without overlap.
I was able to get a 3mm thick glass with this and it worked just fine.

So... for those of you who have successfully printed this... did you lay it on its side? Because I've got a ton of overhang and warping in the top bit.

Ok, so I am new at this and was having issues with the original print bed on my printer so I bought the 5.120”x6.30”x0.22” (130mm X 160mm X 6mm) Borosilicate Heated Bed Glass Plate Works W/ MonoPrice Select Mini 3D Printers. I am not familiar enough with editing the gcode or stl files to do this. Can someone please help either make a file for me or teach me how to do it myself (prefer to learn how).

Thank you,

Clips to the right side of the gantry? What, like opposite the tower?
Do I need to disassemble anything? These pictures don't make much sense to me.

I just finished modifying my monoprice select mini with a E3d V6 hot end and heatsink, since the original jammed up so bad out of nowhere, I wasn't going to chance it happening again. The mod went great and even looks great, but I have run into an unforeseen problem, the z height of the nozzle is now too... HIGH. There are plenty of mods for when the nozzle is too low, like when installing a borosilicate plate, but what about too high?
I am thinking I will just buy a borosilicate plate to artificially raise the print bed. There really needs to be a mod to put the z limit switch on a screw rod, especially since bed leveling is going to be a pita if I have to keep removing the plate to adjust the bed level... That is an accident waiting to happen...

Anyone know where to get the correct size piece of glass to work with this spacer?

Would it be fine if I use a 3mm thick glass plate? I can't find a 2.35mm one anywhere.

Would you recommend tempered glass or the cheap stuff?

I can't say if tempered is better or not, but I've had perfect luck using window pane glass (non-tempered).

Could you add the design file so we can change the endstop distance? I just bought a build plate (PrintInZ) that is 4.5mm thick, and I can't seem to find an easy way to extend this STL file. One of the remixes has a .123dx file so I will try to modify that.

Yes I could just redraw (then print, test edit, repeat) it but that's work that somebody has already done for me. Seems kinda silly to redo all of that.

Sure thing. Its not a file ... I did this in TinkerCAD. But it is public, and you can copy off and edit there.


Hope this helps! :-)

I noticed on tinkercad the bottom thickness is 2.21mm not 2.35mm. Should I be compensating the .14mm when resizing for a 3mm bed? In other words, do I increase the bottom thickness to 3mm or to 2.86mm?

This was posted by Gregg in the facebook group I hope it helps someone else figure out how to attach this part:

Turn the printer with its back to you. Look in the slot at the right of the tower. You'll see a shiny vertical rod and the black piece that moves up and down on it. The spacer hooks under the bottom of that with the open U end around the rod. The other end of the spacer hooks up the back. To install it you have to take the bottom plate off the printer. Up inside you'll see a bunch of screws. Six of them have space around the heads, the three closer to the rear of the printer are the ones to remove. Put the base plate back on with a couple of screws so it stays put. Tip the printer upright and remove the three screws from the top of the tower that hold the top end of the back cover. Two right at the back edge and one at the edge right above the arm. Now the back cover will come off and you can install the spacer. At no time should you grab hold of the gantry arm and use it to lift, tip or turn the printer.

What are the ideal dimensions of the sheet of glass with this mod for the MP Select Mini? I would like to get one cut locally.

Hello. The dimensions I used are in the description above.

Hope this helps! :-)


I would like to try this out since I bought a item called "PrintinZ" recently. If the thickness of the additional bed is 5mm, do I change the bottom thickness of the spacer to 5mm instead of 2.35mm?

Also, is it possible to take additional photo of where you placed the spacer? I'm having difficulty understanding the location.

Thanks in advance!

You make the bottom thickness exactly the same as whatever you put on top of the bed.

Where can I get a piece of glass made to order?

I had a local glass shop cut the one you can see in the images above. Took all of 5 minutes, and only cost $2.00 USD. :-)

Any shop that frames pictures, or glass shops, or places that make windows for houses.

Can't wait to try this, thanks for posting the model. How easy is it to get in to the back of the Z axis? I see 3 exposed screws on the top but it looks like there are some coming in from the underside as well. Do you have to take the base plate off? I'm hoping it's not a major surgery!

The bottom plate comes of quickly and easily allowing you access to the bottom screws holding on the cover. The main board is attached to the bottom plate, so just be careful when opening it, there is plenty of wire length to rotate the panel out of the way and get access to the screws.