Camera slider (motorized)

by HansvK Jun 12, 2016
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exit status 1
'D4056A' was not declared in this scope

The D4056A is declared in the Segment.ino and must be in the same map as DSLR-slider.ino. Als the library TM1637 must be added in the Arduino IDE library section. This is for the 4 digit display.

Was able to get this to "work" by using the libraries supplied here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3086882. The new TM1637 library has changed since you originally posted this.

However, when I turn the encoder clockwise, the display number increases by two, then to 0, then by two, then to 0, etc. (Example: 100, 0, 102, 0, 104, 0, etc.). When I turn the encoder counter-clockwise, the display number has the same affect, except by increments of 4 (Example: 100, 0, 104, 0, 108, 0, etc.) The stepper motor stops on 0 and moves otherwise.

Pushing the encoder button does nothing.

Another camera slider

You could try these files in your arduino library map.
Speed < 20 increm/decrem = 1
Speed > 20 and < 200 increm/decrem = 2
Speed > 200 increm/decrem = 5
Done this because at higher speeds a greater increment works faster and is not noticeable.
With the encoder switch you can stop/start the motor.

Well, after messing for a while, discovered that the switch pin on my encoder is not in the same place as on the diagram. Should have payed more attention to the pin assignment in the code. Thanks for your help.

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What's the advantage of having the track bearings offset from each other? I really like this design and am printing some parts now, but I'm curious as to the logic behind the design.

I have done this so I could place te bolt holes beside the bearings which in my opinion gets a better construction.
Place a picture if you made something, I look forward to it.

I updated the slider with electronics and speedcontrol
Easy to assemble

This is nice. It's one of the simplest I've found. Please provide a way for me to tip you a some dollars.

Let me first see you make one.
I am still working on a motor version with arduino.

I've found that I'll need to modify your design somewhat. I don't have access to bearings so I'm using felt. I also don't have access to square tubing so I'm using copper pipe. I also want to mount it on a tripod so the pipe is screwed to a board. I'll get a picture of the rough version that I'll use for testing, then make the modifications and hopefully get a finished product.

hi, is something a bit off with Tube_holderb.st it say's it's only 0.5 ✕ 0.2 ✕ 0.2 cm !?

Thanks for the hint, I uploaded a new one with factor 10x bigger.