Airsoft PRS stock allows batteries

by full_filament Jun 19, 2016
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Hello I have a small problem with the piece already printed, it does not fit me in a rail that has the M4, we could speak privately and without explaining the problem to you and tell me how you placed it. I pass my mail and you send me a private. curro847@hotmail.com, Thank you

Hola tengo un pequeño problema con la pieza ya impresa, no me encaja en un rail que tiene la M4, podríamos hablar por privado y asin explicarte el problema y me comentas como la colocaste. Le paso mi correo y me mandas un privado. curro847@hotmail.com, Gracias

why is this listed as a remix of a rail riser?

Is there a way to inset the m3 nuts buy printing hex holes in the part?

I just put them on the surface because the nuts could vary and there was no easy way to place the holes in the program I used

What material did you guys print it in?

I just used regular pla

Here's the file where the two longer parts are split to fit in smaller printers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nsvxxa8dmsqhrc1/StockPronto.stl?dl=0
All credits go to the original publisher!

@RafaelSoaresP: You or @full_filament should post this parts as remix or optional file to download directly from thingiverse. Not everybody are checking out comments :)
BTW good work, i'm gonna use these splited parts

I'll consider doing that now that I've split the models a little differently.

I just put a note that there are smaller files in the comments

download error all time :(

some are big pieces and can take some internet power to download

Maybe try with a different browser? I've just checked the link here, and it's still up.

Let me know if you need me to reupload the file to some other place

works fine with other browser. Thx

Can it be printed angled in 25 degrees with supports? My printer only goes up to 200mm x 200mm

25 degrees is fine but it will be just alittle bit weaker. I highly recommend supports and a brim on the longer print with a high infill and quality to get the strongest result. Finally try not to paint it because the parts are tight and I found sometimes the paint warps the print which happend to me. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! I'm currently trying to shrink the model by 15mm (to give the total length less than 200mm), but as I'm not that good at CAD, I still haven`t figured out a way to do it without spending more than half the material with supports. Hahaha

I would try taking some off the front of the stock and just put the links on later. if you want ill see if I can make a separate design 15mm smaller for you

I would love to if you could! Thanks a lot!

I'll try today. And I'll post the link as a reply to you. Just checking, 15mm shorter?

Managed to cut the larger pieces in half using netfabb. Made 4 smaller pieces. Thanks a lot brother!

Perhaps it would be easier to slice the part in two wouldn't it? I'll try to do that here, and if I can't I'll reply back to you.

It should be 200mm max lenght, or 180mm if printed vertically (which I think it's the best option to not use as many supports right?)

the image is just temporary, this is not my picture and not the stock. it just shows what is was modeled after. I'm using this until I can post the pictures of the stock. all of the files are in working order, it is just that the paint i used caused the plastic to bow and not work.

print this in black and do not paint especially with enamel it will mess everything up, causes bowing and flexing in parts.