PS4 DualShock 4 - Smart Clip (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)

by Fubaxiusz Jun 17, 2016
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Having an issue where the touchpad is unable to be pressed/ Is being constantly pressed down? any way to fix this?

Thank you for reporting the problem. :)
Can you send some pictures?
Does the clip push the touchpad when there are no rubber bands attached?

Pictures attached ~
The clip seems to fall off my controller on its own with no bands attached, it looks like when bands are attached the force of it being pulled down onto the controller is pushing the frame into the touchpad, I think the frame around the pad is slightly too small so it covers most edges of the pad and seems to be continually holding it down.

Printed .2mm PLA, supports added. (and damn is it hard to get the supports out of the adjustable slots without a drill)

Without rubber bands, everything looks OK. Try attaching them like on the picture below.
and I will look into issues with slots support.
I hope it works now :)

Seems like its still doing it, seems like the area where the two holes are is pushing down on the pad and so is the very front bar thats just above the controller speaker, I'm going to re-try with weaker bands in a bit, and if that fails I'll try to change the sizing or something.

I've looked closely into the issue and concluded the cause, which probably is the DualShock 4 new revision with added lightbar at the front of touchpad. I designed original version based of previous DS4 model that I own. Sadly I don't have new DS4 that I could get precise measurements from.
But If some users really want this update to the model, they can donate any amount to this paypal address http://www.paypal.me/fubax
and I will buy new version of the controller and update files for them.

I have a DS4 new version, and I'd be willing to help send some accurate dimensions. I'd also be willing to send some coffee/beer money too. Let me know what you need and I'll try and help. :)

Thanks, greatly appreciate. Can you confirm those dimensions? Also would greatly appreciate few bucks for coffee. :)

Thanks for the pics, I looks ok when there are no bands attached...
Try attaching them like this:

Awesome file, thanks for the revised versions too! I will also try the latest version and give feedback. wish me luck!

I printed V3.1b and was able to get it working, I took a 5/32 drill bit and used that to get out most of the supports from inside the adjustable slots. from there I simply took a razor blade and widdled down the side of the arms until they would slide into the slots freely. then I took a produce rubber band and cut it long ways and used those two pieces plus another random rubber band to secure it in place. It works great. I am using it with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Thanks for the great design and taking the time to read and implement suggestions! keep up the good work!

Edit: I printed it with supports everywhere at .2 with 50% infill to make it strong on an Alfawise U20.

I'm printing V3 out now and will let you know how it works!

The adjustable arms on V3 are very difficult to break free – printed at layer height 0.2 with 50% infill on a Monoprice Mini Select V2. After a lot of wrestling I've managed to get them somewhat loose, but they still won't extend.

Edit: Yep, I definitely broke them off trying to get them out. Would it be possible to print the arms as separate pieces and slide them in afterward?

I updated the files with separate arms and body. Thanks for feedback.
If you print it again, please share if the arms work correctly.
Thanks :)

Just printed V3 as well and the arms are really stuck in there. The arms definitely need to be printed separately. Other than that I really like the design, it fits the controller really well. Thumbs up!

Thanks, I just updated the files with separate arms. Let me know if they work now :)

it's will work with s9+ ?

I just uploaded version 3 of the Thing, it fits all devices. Try it out

Unfortunately it won't. But I'm working on an universal version that will fit all phones. Let you know when it gets public. ;)

Very good and precise.

Thank you, I appreciate.

Comments deleted.

I really love this!

Could you upload the original file or upload it as a .step so i can change it myself? :D

I use solidworks or fusion 360 if possible ;)

I've made it in Cinema4D software, unfortunately there is no .step file export option, but I think .3ds might work for you.
I also added .obj and .fbx source files to work with.
By default DS4 controller has messed up key binds on Android, triggers are binded as one of the analog sticks.
Lucky you, I made Key Layout File some time ago for DS4. It is the text file Wireless_Controller.kl, just copy it on /system/usr/keylayout/ directory on your smartphone (no root needed, just some good file explorer)