SpoolHolder ANET A8

by Madjestik58 Jun 13, 2016
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I made longer arms for the p802d which has the display mounted higher than the p802m.


SpoolHolder Arms p802d

Is the spool bolt supposed to rotate on the rod, or is the rod supposed to rotate on the supports? I can either drill out the center hole to allow the first option, or screw the rod in tight to allow the second.

Even though my hole is not perfectly round, a 5/16" threaded rod fits perfectly and the spool spins freely.

the printer is not unbalanced during very fast return trips from the extruder?
This does not disturb the setting of the board ?

Thanks for sharing your design :)

Will this work for a 0,5KG spool?

have tried to open the bolt in cura but it stays grey and i cannot produce a gcode.. Anyone know what is going on. Have had no trouble with the nut and the supports

Hi all, should I print the two holders laying as it is or should I rotate them so that they are standing ?

I don't understand how you're supposed to put this together. Are there instructions I'm missing? I have printed everything out but just found out the bolt does not fit in the spool I have. Is there a specific kind of spool that this works with? Kinda sucks that I spent 20hrs printing this :/

Do you know where you can fin the large screw in the middle? The one which comes with the Anet is not large enough and I need to buy one bigger. Thanks.

I got my rod and hardware from Ace. I believe it was 5/16's.

Great Design Thanks.

does it work on Anet A6? or do i have to adjust the size?

Printed in Verbatum 0range PLA fits spools of that brand perfectly . Did ot print supports as have doubts about how i am even supposed to fir it to the frame so using the supplied cradle on this bolt/spool. It looks super good and feeds much more consistently. Changed brands of filament and now my giant bolt is to big. I can see how much help this spool was now as ive gone back to only the supplied threaded rod and its jerky and horrible and filing little bits off the filament. Works brilliantly on the spools that fit but on those too small its a no show.

Thank you for Making and Sharing,

Anyone else find that their spool turns TOO freely on this setup? On both spools I've tried it on (one Hatchbox, one Inland), the weight doesn't seem to be balanced perfectly. When the spool turns to a certain point it freewheels ahead about have a revolution.

I will probably add a layer of duct tape or something over the threaded rod to try to add just a bit more drag, but was wondering what others have done if they've run into this.

I got some extra nuts and used them to clamp both the big bolt as well as the brackets to create some drag. I had the same problem but this has worked well for me so far!

Exactly, I added 1 1/4" washers on both sides of the bolt and secured with nuts. Keeps the printed bolt from moving too freely while also providing a smoother feed.

try adding a washer and nut to compress the spool.

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Just a thought: Could the backwards weight of the spool holder eventually bend and warp the frame? If the pressure of the belts can warp the belt frame, wouldn't the weight of the spool holder warp and or even snap the anet display part?

I printed this for use with zyltech pla, and its way to big to fit the hole.

I printed this with no top/bottom and grid filler, result is it still works great and it looks even better, thanks ;)

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Does it work with Hatchbox filament?

How many of each part do you need to print?

the long leg twice, one nut, one bolt (the bolt is huge)

what if you were to use the nut and bolt with the original rod that came with the printer, but a different holder, like one that sits on the ground? Would that still work?

I'm using it with default holder. works like a charm.

Did everyone use the default settings or did you change them? Im using the defaults and my printer has been printing the bolt for 8 hours and its only at 20%. I printed one of the legs and that took 8 hours. Im wondering if I should stop it. Seems everything i print takes a while.

Try turning up your speed on your printer. There should be some good settings on the internet for the a8 that you can change in cura. Cura will also tell you how long it will take to print and how much filament it will use.

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I am afraid the gap in the legs is too small for the Anet A8 frame. Maybe you have older version, but for mine the gap is 1.5 smaller than needed.... maybe I can fit it after some sanding, but that is quite disappointing.

The threaded steel rod, is this the same that came with the stock anet a8 spoolholder?

no, the rod is not long enough. Needs to be about 10"

no, i made one and there's no way that rod is long enough, you can use any rod of the same diameter though, it doesn't need to be threaded

If it is not threaded, how do you keep the rod from "travelling" to the left or right as the filament is pulled off the spool. Don't you need nuts to keep the rod kind of centered?

I added a fender washer and nut to both sides of the spool.

Very nice design for the most part. The only draw back is that the front of the arms get in the way of the extruder bearings when the printer is close to the max height.

What infill density percentage do you think i should use for the arms?

I am also looking for this information. I printed the arms and the nut at "Solid" density in Cura 2.3.1 but I wonder If i can get away with a lower density for the large bolt...

I have made this spool holder and it works brilliantly (although I can't comment on the mount as I still use the standard A8 holder.

The problem I had was with the varying hole diameters of different filament spools, so I designed this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2041329 to centre any spool with a hole up to 74mm diameter.

Spool centralising washer
by Malcy

That is clever, good work

i also made one but up to 80 mm because i had a spool from 76 mm

spacer for spool holder
by leondm

Amazing thank you, solved my problem of the spool not spinning true and a whole load of PLA coming flying off at once.

Glad it helped :o)

Could you increase the length of the plastic bolt? I tried scaling it in the Z direction but of course it scales the threads too. I want the bolt a little longer so I can fit two spools on it. The blank part before the threads is around 4mm I'd like it lengthened to 8mm. I'm a newb on 3d designer...

Never mind, got it figured out. OpenSCAD is not that hard to use! Check out my remix here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2036070

A Longer bolt
by Jjmboni

This is a really nice design, but be aware that the bolt is too long to fit inside the factory supplied Anet A6 spool holder. The thread also starts a bit late for some narrow spools. I physically cut my bolt shorter and also printed a cylindrical spacer to cater for narrow spools.

Can you post a photo of this? tks

How do I scale down the bolt and nut to fit a smaller spool hole? What software do you use to re-scale an STL file?

dumb question but i have to buy the metal rod correct? coz the one that comes with the original spool holder is way too short

You need a 1' long 3/8" diameter all thread rod, or metric equivalent

Hey just a head up for anyone who reads this i bought a 1' long 3/8 peice of all thread and while it works for the main peice its too large to fit onto the support to hold it above the machine.

Metric terms being? 30cm m8 threaded rod?

Can you upload a picture of how you screwed this to the frame? it seems that you screw directly to the frame without holes...doesn't that scratch it? I don't see any holes and also the metal screw that comes with the spool is way short.. you seem to have a long one.. did you buy it separately?.. please advise!

Thanks in advance

how long did it take to print the different components?

printing one of the arms now and its roughly 4 hours

For me the bolt took around 5-6 hours, the nut took 35mins , the support bars took 1:36:00 each... but be careful, I don't know exactly where the supports go and I am having the exact same issue as @LeSpatula ... there are no holes to screw the supports.. so I basically wasted all of this material if I don't find a way to mount it lol

Did you change any of the default settings?

why not just use a drill and make a couple new holes to mount it with? that's what I plan to do

I did not want to damage the printer... I know its just holes and I even have a drill press mount...in any case after I purchased the longer bar and added the nuts it holds incredibly well! you don't even need the screws in reality... I've been using it without screws and it is very steady since the nuts of one side pull the other and all forces neutralize.. all good

I did not want to damage the printer... I know its just holes and I even have a drill press mount...in any case after I purchased the longer bar and added the nuts it holds incredibly well! you don't even need the screws in reality... I've been using it without screws and it is very steady since the nuts of one side pull the other and all forces neutralize.. all good

Nice spool holder.
Unfortunately my threaded rod is was smaller. I just noticed after printing everything.
Is there any alternative that i can use other than threaded rods?

I had the same issue, and printed adapters to fix this holder to the display unit and and decrease the distance, so you can use a shorter rod. Here is my design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1975954

Adapter for ANET A8 spool holder
by tm4n

Thanks a lot! Just what I need :-)

How did you secure this to the printer? Or does it just stay on by itself?

Bolt M3 on back side

Is that a pre-existing bolt?

Yes, metallic bolt. I am add photo on main page