Folk flute in tenor, alto, and soprano (+8) sizes

by pfh Oct 8, 2013
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I just printed the Tenor 5 piece socketed and it is GREAT. You must have spent countless hours designing these - tapered bore, angled finger holes, perfect fit and sound. Engineer maybe?

I printed it in high resolution with 50 percent infill which is working well, maybe $8 or so in filament. It took a while to print, probably 30 hours, but I ended up with a flute which rivals those selling for $150. I'm sure those people selling the $150 flutes would argue that statement, but print one and hear for yourself.

I will be printing the other versions, Alto and Soprano next. For the complete set, you know.

If I could make a request it would be to have these wonderful flutes in Customizer to enable rotating the finger holes for a perfect fit.

Excellent job PFH, thank you. PeterPin

I like the Flute very much.
Have you ever considered making a version with a flap for #D as it was with Baroque flutes.
As an example, I call the Aulos AF 1.

PS: Sorry for Google translate, but my English lessons are a long time ago.

Where is the mouth piece? I have printed mine in PLA, looks wonderfull but I have no mouth piece

I tried printing the soprano, but it falls partway through, about 1/5 of the way. Creality Cr-10S - 0.15mm thickness 50mm/s, I tried with and without a raft, and it failed both times, any advice?

Enable supports. Tree supports would work well. Print with a brim (10 lines), supports touching build plate only. This should result in supports going up the sides to hold the section being printed steady while also being adhered well to the build plate. For extra adhesion, you can throw down a layer of glue from a gluestick (Elmser's Washable SchoolGlue sticks are like $2 and work excellently) just before it starts to print. <ake your first layer temp 10C hotter than the rest, and 1/4 as fast. Other suggestions include slowing down your overall print speed, and, make sure the bed temp stays the same through the whole print.

You might need to make the base extra-securely attached.

With ABS plastic, I think what I usually did was lay down a base of masking tape and then paint a solution of ABS and acetone onto that.

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Hi , Thank you for the design ,

I am facing some problem
I play Bamboo flute, traditional Chinese instruments before .
I printed soprano-folk-flute-2.stl when I try play with it , I only able to play 4 note do. re. mi. , when i try fa. I unable to get that sound.
May i know is that any special skill to play this or my print fail?

do you have any video to teach how to play ?

Just about to print myself an alto :) Lots of work went into these, Thank you.

Just printed a 2 piece ALTO in Black PLA on my Rostock MAX V2. Excellent design! 3 piece tenor in the queue :) THANK YOU for sharing :)

i printed my in 5 segments and put together with abs glue, it sounds great however I have significantly more trouble with the E note, i also feel like the blow hole is too small. Any suggestions on how i play the notes without slight adjustment of my chin to better blow over the blow hole for certain notes?

how do a print this in segments i have a 5x5x5 printer, any help? please im a flute player and have been looking for one for a while

Wow! The segmented files are very thorough, I'm about to print the tenor flute in five segments. Everything looks very nice so far. Hopefully I can get a good sound out of it.

Very well organized, very impressive.

Fully printed and assembled :) but it's a little flat, probably because I couldn't get all the pieces to fit together snugly, I'll have to file the sockets to get this thing a little shorter and a little more in tune

I've printed 3/5 pieces for the tenor flute, this thing is huge, and the holes are pretty far apart. Definitely not for small hands. It sounds really good so far. I haven't gotten the first two pieces to fit together well yet, butpieces two and three fit together very well after only a little sanding.

One question: So how do you pay the Flute? ^_^ any tutorial?

Can you be more specific regarding infill and wall thickness? Is 25% infill and wall of 3 enough?
Please advise

I generally use 4 layers of wall and 50% infill. This might or might not be overkill.

Your flutes and fifes are fantastic. I was wondering if there's a segmented soprano one?

New ZIPs uploaded, with socketed parts.

Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

Good idea, I'm about to upload an updated version, I'll included segmented versions in that.

You are a genius. I didn't think of making instruments with this thing. You opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you.

Glad you like it :-)

did you mean tfh ? always be a convict. Aint it cool?