BOOMSTICK! Stoeger Coach Gun - Double barrel side by side 12 gauge.

by JohnMaxipad Jun 14, 2016
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How tall is the tallest part? I am going to try and print this on a monoprice select mini.

How much time did you spend to clean up the parts for that smooth look? I started printing the barrel and it's quite bumpy. And I'm not sure if I can get it sanded smooth without breaking through the outer layer and reaching the infill

Try smoothing with a hot airgun. Works great for me. It takes a lot of time and patience but the finish is very nice and shiny and is way faster and a lot less messy than sanding. Don't overheat it though because repairing is nearly impossible so take your time, it's a slow process. I do recommend at least 25% or even 30% infill for this method because you dont want the shell to start "hanging" between the infill. Try on a simple print at first and the go bigger.

Great looking model! Cant wait for Halloween now! Just a little issue with Cura and Boom7.stl. It had a weird break in the middle. I brought it into windows 3d software which saw the issue and fixed it. Printed out fine after that.

I want to print this model but there are a problem on model BOOM6.
When I slice it I cant see all model in one piece.
I think there is a trouble at drawing (stl)

These are all the exact files I used to print the shotgun myself. I can try and re-upload the file if you think that might help.

I would apreciate if you check and re-upload Boom6. I printed some of parts of this model.
I want to finish completely.

Hey sorry, I realized the problem. I had two separate parts in the one file which would have been what caused the conflict.
I deleted the file "BOOM 6" and uploaded "NEW BOOM 6" and "NEW BOOM 6 second part"
Let me know how that goes.

Thank you very much Josh, new boom6 is looking good. I am printing wooden parts of gun with wood filament and iron parts with black pla filament. I will send you photos of model after print and assembled.

Awesome, that's good to hear. Can't wait to see your results :)

Sorry but it will take some days :D

Did you model the chainsaw by any chance?

If I was going to model one I would wanna get may hands on an original homelite XL first but they are impossible to find in AUS and the exchange rate/shipping cost from the states is nuts.
I only had photos to work from.

I made the main body of the chainsaw using EVA foam to get the basic shape then fiberglassing over it for strength. It has a working pullcord which I found on ebay for $5, it's made for a 50cc motor. Aluminium sheet for the top and flat bar for the top handle.
The only printed parts are the bar and chain and the side handle which I did model.

Could you upload the parts you printed yourself? For the chainsaw? I'd really like to make this model but can't find any files to do it. I did however find a DIY video on how to make ash' s chainsaw out of a Costco jug and lots of foam etc