P3steel 2.5 - RAMPS Offset Mount

by ChunkySteveo Jun 15, 2016
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Could you add a remix that allows the arduino to be mounted to the other side of the frame.

Would they not fit if you "mirror" them in your slicer?


It's hard to explain but mirroring the piece would only allow the adapter to mount to the other side and will not allow the arduino to mount to the adapter.

I see what you mean. Would you have the Arduino still "pointing out" so the USB and power jack are pointing towards the back?


I will see what I can do... Was never happy with my dimensions on my final version - they seemed too tight, so worth revisiting!


Alright, thank you

Oh, word of wisdom...

Those green connectors on the RAMPS board do fail randomly, and by fail, I mean they get hot, start to smoke, then melt. I read up quite a bit and the consensus is the contacts begin to build up resistance over time. Mine failed in about 8 months. I fixed mine by soldering a 4pin CPU power supply cable to mine, has been working great ever since.


That's good to know, thanks for the knowledge ImpulsiveJames. I have an old PC PSU that I can rip apart and recycle the fan, molex etc, I will bare that in mind to bolster the power connectors!


You rock!!!!! I'll be swapping out within the week!!

Thanks ImpulsiveJames, hope it works for you?!