Double Zipper

by emmett Jan 20, 2012
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Works great with standard stiff PLA!

theres a devide by zero in there somewhere.

What do you mean? Is OpenSCAD giving you an error?

nevermind, i got it.

Super cool! I'm impressed by how flexible it appears to be, I assume that's ABS?

I take it you ran into an issue with getting Skeinforge to print a single, unclosed path? That has been my experience as well; it seems to require a closed contour, and does truly bizarre things if you give it a single filament thick straight wall. What's really frustrating is that it does exact
ly that (open contour) for rafts.

Anyone know of a program that will slice such things, for example a single one of these zippers?

try repsnapper

Yes, it's ABS and definitely flexible. Yeah, Skeinforge leaves a lot to be desired, but it seems to be the best we have so far (at least for free). I've got some ideas on skeining, but I'm stalled due to a lack of basic C++ skills; I can't seem to manage to link Matlab into the CGAL libraries, even though it's perfectly possible. If anyone wants to lend a hand, let me know.