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by timogiles Jan 20, 2012
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Inkscape scale by .0254 %, cm, mm, in, by what???

Inkscape assumes that it will come in metric, but it is actually thousandths of an inch scaling. Scaling by .0254 will make the units be whatever inkscape expected.

Could this be made with a CNC router? I am in the process of building a mostly printed CNC and i'm wondering if any of these laser cut projects can be done with it? Thanks for any help with that.


can someone please confirm, is the diameter of the holes 8cm or 3inch ? and what is the total length and width

Not sure if I'm scaling it right or not


You can look in the SCAD file to see how things are sized, or change the sizes to what you like. As it is, the bottle holes are 2.675 inches or 67.945mm.

Love it, I just lasered myself one, too bad in my hurry I didn't size it right. so Now I have a cute little half size model

is 3/16" the same as quarter-inch?

It depends. I take my calipers with me to store when buying wood. Some 1/4" plywood is 3/16", some is actually 1/4". The Luan that I usually buy is 3/16" (although it is listed as 1/4") but when I buy baltic birch it is usually the thickness that it is listed as.

First thing I tried to make with the new laser. Used MDF just to play with, it got quite scorched in places, but worked great. Ordering some clear acrylic for the next attempt. Nice design, thanks!

Really awesome stuff

So if I'm making this here in the UK and I can only easily get 3mm or 6mm laser ply - any thoughts on whether it'll be ok with 3mm?

I'll need to modify the slots to fit either of them of course...

Really cool design, thanks!

I didn't pay attention and made it with 3mm. The part in the middle was little loos and the holes looked less good, but in general it worked out just fine.

I have a 3D printer but want to build a laser cutter, where should i begin? Which DIY lasercutter is easy? Sorry to post it in here but here are the lasercut people. :)

My inspiration is the http://buildlog.netbuildlog.net 2.x laser cutter(http://www.buildlog.netwww.buildlog.net).  bdring has a great design, he puts together kits of the the custom parts that you can buy from him and the design has been successfully replicated by a bunch of people.  Personally, I started with a cheap Chinese DC-KIII and after about a year I took that tube and powersupply and built a built a much larger frame for it.  

hello timogiles, I tried to print on A4paper, all_parts .svg. but I can't, the image is too small.

do you have tips how to do this?. Greetings from dave

I like it. It says, "I'm here for the whole night, and not a lightweight like the 4 pack guy." :)

I was thinking to make one of these myself! This looks great!

you should make one out of aluminum