Auto Bed Leveling with SG90 Servo for Tevo Tarantula

by MacNite Jun 16, 2016
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Can you put a picture of the direction of the servo connector on the board? thank you

No, I can't. I don't have the printer anymore. The brown wire goes to ground, red to positive and orange to signal.

Ok but positive, signal and ground how do I find them on the board? multimeter?

If you use the mks base board on the Tevo Tarantula you may use the x-max endstop pins for attaching the servo.
The pins are labeld with + (positive), - (ground) and s (signal.


in my marlin software there is '#define SERVO0_PIN 22' and the pin 2 is for the fan 2. i've to change it?
can you post a schematic of how to connect the servo to the board?

Do you think you could do one for the Fang Fan duct?

Endstop in z+? Or replace the current z switch that's in z-?

Replace the current z Switch.

How do I home my X then?

What do you mean? With G28 X0. I think in Marlin RC7 you have to do:

G28 X0 Y0;
G1 X100 Y120;
G28 Z0;

If you put G28 in front of anything it becomes a home command. So that situation would home X and Y, Then move X to 100 and Y to 120, then home the Z, and then Auto level bed

Oh sorry - I See what you mean.
I meant you have to replace the current z endstop switch...sorry for the typo.

Okay, Issue, Im using the community firmware and I tried inputting all the code you provided and I got a few errors. If I sent you the configuration.h could you possibly get it to work? I know its a lot to ask but it would be a huge help to me and everyone in the Facebook Group

Okay lol thanks, I was toying around with it and figured that out

Very brilliant mod !


What servo motor have used for this ?
Thank you in advance

The SG90, nur every 5V Servo should work.