Peristaltic Pump

by Leland Jan 20, 2010
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how much liter/minute can it push, and how much head does it give?

I went to visit the local hacker space CCCKC last night, and they were kind enough to print a part for me. (see the attached images). Looks like its going to require some refinement, but all and all not a bad start...

Ok, it took a week of tinkering, reading, and emails but I think I figured out the Sketchup -
gt; STL conversion process.

Now all I need is a makerbot... all in good time.

I would buy a ultimaker not a maker bot, just becose its faster

Me( ultimaker owner)

Can you tell me about it? I can't convert my sketchup files... =-X

I have been using the "Use the DXF/STL Export plugin"' process on this page: http://wiki.makerbot.com/google-sketchuphttp://wiki.makerbot.com/googl...

It is the most consistent process I have used so far.

Nice idea! I'd be interested in making a pump for aquarium-sized hose (say 1/4"), especially for children to play with. So, maybe something with a manual knob to turn and water comes out. I'd think maybe a variation using 624 or 608 bearings might be worthwhile, since many reprappers have these in stock anyway.

I have been thinking about a re-design using common bearings. But I figured I would try this first.

I'm afraid the two wheels will bend towards each other when you insert a tube. You can solve that by adding a third wheel in the middle.

I have been thinking about that as well, and figured that the plexi glass would hold them in place -or- I would need to re-design to include another pivot point on the front of the pump.


A great idea, but remember that basic sketchup can't make real curved surfaces. The inner wall of your pump may print as a series of polygons. If you go to the 'View' menu and and select 'Hidden Geometry' the dashes show the edge of each polygonal facet. There are free smooth surface plug-ins available for sketchup. Just hunt around on Google until you find one you like.

Overall a very cool design, and from what i can see, easily makerbot printable.

Curved surfaces won't make it through Skeinforge anyway; I don't think any of the open source tools deal with curves properly - they all get converted into a series of triangles.

Excellent design though - this should print quite well, and I agree that the elasticity of the tubing should take care of any curve approximation problems.

I had seen that the inside wall was not exactly round. I figured that the elasticity of the hose would make up the difference... That or I would re-design as you suggested. Thanks!

I got the trial fancy sketchup (v6) and just use it one minute at a time to export objs.

Current version of Sketchup (v7.1) supports exporting to .dae, which is Blender-compatible.

Blender (at least mine) didn't understand the .skp format. You need to get the design to the format (.3ds and .obj seems to know these) that blender understand and then scale it, but looks like that only pro version of sketchup knows how to get it into these formats.
After blender scale, export to .stl and let skeinforge to do it's magic. (it can do it without caring about makerbot limits, so if the scale is way off the process can take hours).. hope this is helps..

I had seen that tutorial, I guess I was not paying close enough attention. I will review and try again.