Killjoys - Lucy

by SYFY Jun 23, 2016
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Is it possible to upload a higher resolution STL file? I know the file size will increase, but this is such a beautiful model that the low poly count on the STL hurts it.

For some reason I cannot print the back of the ship. It will not load properly. I have tried several times, but no go. Everything else is great, but without the back it is all for nothing.

4th time i try printing the stand and every time it stops right after finishing the base support. it never starts to actually print the stand, only its support. the printer goes through the motions but the filament is not extruding. only on this particular print. the others worked fine. anyone else having this problem?

What program do you use to design these ships?

Nice... Killjoys.
It is similar as a spaceship from Teleone

yes where the front of this schip,
its not complete,

I had the same problem, the front is connected to the wings, look carefully.

ahhhhhhh okay thank you now I see it.

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Cool, maybe I will modify and turn it into a quad-copter some day.

Holy Crap!!!! WELL DONE !!!!!! imaging clapping, lol. thats awesome!

Dude, can't wait to print this!

Very nice, printing now well post the make once put together

YES PLEASE!!! Your Expanse ships were a good start, but so low-detailed as to make them less desirale. Adding detail is a great way to go, and it only brings enthusiasm to the shows.

These are lovely, and I will be printing them and posting my MAKES when done!

Thank you!

(Am printing now. I will have the two front halves done by midnight, but the rear MAYBE by tomrrow morning, but possibly not. I will post photos when complete.)

I am surprised there is no makes posted as of yet! I will definitely post mine when it's done and I will be sure to check out the show also.

Do you print the ships without support?

You can, but each piece should print fine without supports. We do suggest using rafts to lock your print in place.

Wow I was looking looking for that a while ago, I'm going to print it soon (after adding spaces for LEDs)

Awesome! Please post a pic when you are finished. We would love to see this with lights!

Sorry that it took so long but here is it.

Killjoys - Lucy with LEDs

Seriously, that is SO cool. Well done!