Shaving mug Fast Lather

by Thesquirlmaster Jun 19, 2016
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I've tried to print this 3 times using PETG but each time I end up with tons of stringing. I can print other items in PETG (smaller items) without issue including benchy. Has anyone been able to print this in PETG? Attached are pics of each attempt after 2-3 hrs of printing. The first attempt was with the Cura generic PETG profile. It went for close to 3 hours before I stopped it. It's now a tray on my desk. I pulled off a whole bunch of strings before taking the pic. The next 2 attempts were with a different, custom PETG profile that prints much slower. One attempt was with cooling turned on, the other is with cooling off.

I haven't had that problem. But I don't print in petg much anymore, i cant get it to stick to my glass bed. it stuck too good to my buildtec mat.
I'd try setting your slicer to not go outside the current layer lines, i cant remember what it's called, i use simplify 3d for my printing. (love it) i do remember having stringing a lot with petg. i think the way i fixed it was to raise the retraction distance. but some filaments are just oozy

I appreciate the quick reply. I'm over 4 hours in now and am just going to let it finish and see what happens. I use Cura and am contemplating getting S3D.

Great mug!! I made PLA on 85% size and it fits me fine. Thanks a lot!

Glad you like it. I have used mine exclusively since I made it.


you mentioned a hollow cored bowl.. I just made one..

check this out..

hollow shaving bowl

Nice design. I shrunk it to around 80%, and then even stopped the print so it wasn't so high. It now lives in my travel kit (hence the need for a smaller size). Worked great.