M4 bolt modified chin front for Halo Helmet

by big_red_frog Oct 10, 2013
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I'm getting a line of support on the top left corner of this. Its reading as a one layer thick gap and laying support to fill the gap. From a distance it looks fine - but it is there. I'm running it through netfabb and will update if this fixes the issue (fwiw, the piece with no bolt holes does this too in the same place). Is anyone else getting this?

Its only a juggling trick, but I have flipped the part and run another repair through netfabb, and it appears to be gone.

STL has been updated in the design.

I have added an image to the design with an area circled in black. Can you confirm this is where you are seeing the artifact?

you are right, I do sees something there though had not seen it as support, just some form of artifact. All files should of already been through netfabb. I will take another pass at it and see if I can resolve from original sources, though there is no evident reason why there would be an artifact there.

So I'll be printing another one in about a week - Just ordered another visor too. Unfortunately Netfabb never fixed the issue and after the third time getting the same error, I just shaved it down with a blade and went with it. You cant really tell its there, especially with the translucent colours since there is a lot of color deviations from light.

Just flipped it in the base model as well in netfabb. Note a repair pass was not necessary, and the artifact was gone. Had to use Netfabb as the face to align on is not on a standard plane.

The purpose of the bolt chin is just to look cooler, right?

Yes, just more in line with the original artwork. You can also get some nice anodised aluminum bolts from various sources in various colors.