RetroPie Zero NES Controller

by bfesser Jun 20, 2016
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Which one of the 3 is the best? Should I use the "fusion360_mushberry.stl"???

The Fusion 360 files are the better, of the three. fusion360_mushberry.stl should be sliced with supports turned on.

Chiming in with the crowd to let you know how awesome this design is, and how double-awesome a SNES version would be.

Thank you for sharing. I dont know if my current pi will fit this but i think ill make it just because :-) Thanks again!

By far, one of the most elegant and well thought out PiZero emulation platforms. I've been looking to enjoy RetroPie in a portable package with an oem controller, this did not disappoint. 15 minutes to assemble, comfortable in the hands.
Would donate for SNES/SEGA.

Butter Pig aside, this has been my most exciting print.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'd love to see photos of your controller. :)

SNES/Sega progress has been slow, but not abandoned.

Just wanted to say I agree with all 9600's complements and +1 their request for an SNES version.
The fact that this build retains and uses the original buttons and switches is fantastic!

The only thing that could possibly improve upon the design is adding a way to connect an unmodified NES
or SNES controller into it so player 2 could also use a classic OG controller.

Thanks for publishing this!

Thank you for the feedback.

These should provide for the second controller:
I can't think of a more streamlined method for original hardware.

Will this and the wiring line up with a 3rd party replacement controller, like the tomee?

I used this for my build off the newer USB controllers, and yes, it does fit. I had to remix it to add a hole for the switch, but otherwise it fit perfectly.

Thanks!! Appreciate the heads up.

I'm unfamiliar with that brand. It's unlikely to work without modification to support whatever shape PCB they use. Source files are linked in the "How I Designed This" section.

TinkerCad: https://tinkercad.com/things/1mLws3kjBLr
Fusion 360: http://a360.co/2i62ytA

I hope this helps. :)

Thanks! I was able to get my hands on an original controller and this fit perfectly.
Side question, what did you use to connect the PiZero to WIFI when running RetroPie? I purchased a wifi dongle from Edimax and have had no luck.

Thanks in advance!

I've used these:


What does your /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf look like?

[edit] Also, try a different power supply to the RasPi, to be sure insufficient power to the WiFi isn't the cause of your problems.

Thanks!! This was a big help. I'm actually using the Edimax N150+Bluetooth: http://amzn.to/2keUz01

Ended up getting it to work by downloading the drivers via tethered internet from a phone through usb connected to the hub.
A little backwards, and definitely not plug N' Play, but working now none the less.

Appreciate the help and great design! Looking forward to the Sega Genesis and SNES versions!!

Would love to see a SNES version of this.

The curvy geometry of the SNES controller is an order of magnitude more challenging to reverse-engineer than the simple rectangular NES controller. Once I'm competent with Fusion 360, I'll be working more on the SNES and Sega controllers. Thanks for the feedback; just knowing that someone would want the thing is a helpful motivator.

Oh, I understand that. I think someone has already reverse-engineered the stock SNES controller elements as Thingiverse files already. Could you work from those? Project #337896


SNES controller
by srepmub

I've seen that thing before, but I've been hesitant to work from it—I've been dissatisfied with the precision of reverse-engineering done by others in the past. I'm also not very good with SCAD, but I'll give it another look.

Excellent job with this. It fit perfectly on my controllwer

Thank you very much for the comment and tip; both are greatly appreciated! I'm glad to hear of your successful build, and would love to see a photo. Enjoy your retro-gaming! :)

hey! Definitely would love to see these cases on a sega genesis/megadrive controller.

Hi, Bryan; thanks for the comment! I'm hoping to do a Sega version as soon as I learn Fusion 360.