Working 3D printed Helicopter Blades

by tlalexander Jan 22, 2012
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Omg I have a similar helicopter but the landing pad broke. I wonder if it can be 3d printed.

Nice design! Do you have the .dat file for the coordinate of the blade?

Thanks for the design. I've printed mine upright, in black PLA. It worked out really nice. There a bit too little material around the hole, but that's fixable in Fusion. ^_^

Does yours really fly sideways? I'm pretty sure we have the same copter and this one most certainly does not.

I have one it has a weird little pitch control on the lower blades that gives ya the sideways flight!

Yup, it does fly sideways. It was sold as the "Drift king" helicopter on Amazon.

Lol nice disclaimer.. just crashed mine and made a tail fin and thought I wonder if anyone on Thingiverse has made blades. Awesome! Glad to see video proof of it working before I waste my time printing too.

I'm going to be a rebel and print it in ABS because the ultimate recon vehicle needs to be lightweight. Also hopefully won't shatter because is less brittle than PLA.

Hay tlalexander
I was wondering if the blades would work on the syma S107G IR helicopter?

Sorry for the late response, but I have heard people say they work.

They are actually too small for S107, I was silly enough to print them straight away without even checking the size.
I am now trying with the small version, scaled almost 150% on the length, and 120% on the width, same Z dimension.

Really great !
I dit it at a larger scale in ABS (x 1.5 ix X direction) for a bigger helicopter.
Works very fine. Quite lite ang resistant.
As much efficient as genuine parts (except a slight whisle due to the iregularities on the blades).
Material : ABS
Nozzle: 0.5 mmm
Layer: 0.1 mm

i have just finished printing these blades. and i just noticed that they are not a pair. even in the photo you can see how theres two different blades on each rotor. one has a narrower tip than the opposite side. this is a huge mistake. thanks for trying thought. i still had fun although the prints are worthless.

ok. now i get it. you are absolutely correct. this was my mistake. i did not realize what was meant by blade A and blade B. right now they are printing and looking perfect. so happy about this. thanks for your knowledgeable help. your awesomeness level has just been raised a few notches. thanks for such a great service to the world. i will be printing this for all the kids in my neighbourhood. so many models were grounded because we can not get this things in this part of Spain. muchas gracias!

Hello Maya,
There is no mistake, and the photo does not show two different types of blades. The narrower looking blades in the photo are simply pitched away from the camera. There are two different blade files for you to try printing, and I have provided files for both the left and the right side. Specifically, you should print two copies of Small_heli_blade_A and Small_heli_blade_B, which are the left and right versions of Small_heli_blade. I have another file, called Small_heli_blade_2, which has both an A and a B and is different dimensions, and you can print two of each A and B for that one instead.
But I assure you, for each A and B set they blades are identical - all I did was mirror the output with no changes in geometry. I suggest you print one of each of the 4 blade types so you can see what I mean. Thanks.

Really nicely made ! Do you think the tail propeller could also be printed out ...or this is too small for an ultimaker ?

Also! what did you do about infill etc? I assume it would be solid with maybe .10mm print at least or smaller?

The little stretched figure 8 looking support/ball joint bridge that sits across/connects the top weight/balance and the first set of blades broke on mine. One is fine, I will try and measure it and try to model this but have you/ would you as well?

Gonna buy a heli on Thursday after paycheck gets here. What other formats can you save in? I use Creo.

I have a Blade Cx2, I might mod your blades to mount into that. Need to make some adapters I think....

I just bought a Blade mSR X, which is the fixed pitch step down from the mCX 2. There's a lot more energy in those blades than there are in my little toy heli I used before. Haven't tried printing blades for that yet.

The mCX 2 is collective pitch, so the blades don't need/have any curve to them. That should make them much easier to print actually!

Have you scanned the body yet? Can you can the body, and all the parts and have them set up as a .STL so you can get the 3D printed helicopter out there so anyone can enjoy one?

I can't get these to print sucsessfully in PLA or ABS.

generate some support material, i have printed with PLA in my reprap successifully

Using an Ultimaker? Sliced how?

Thing-o-Matic, latest RepG.

I'm not sure how to slow the print down, it's doing it in 9 mins.

What layer height? These are very tricky parts to print. Not sure if the TOM can do it.

Your STLs (As rendered for the thingiverse preview image) seem to be oriented upright, but your photos show layering lines along the blades.

I presume that these are infact printed leading/trailing edge to the bed?

Fixed the STLs

Yeah, sorry about that. I do note in the "instructions" section how they should be oriented. But I will add some pictures of them on the print bed, and I will try to fix the STLs soon. Soldworks's "TOP" plane is not the same as STL's TOP plane. But I think Solidworks can use different coordinate systems when exporting. I'll figure it out in a few.

Impressive work! Nice one!