WTFFF?! Collapsible Coffee Sleeve

by tomhazz Jun 20, 2016
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Love the show, keep up the great work!

do you need to scale this??

I printed at 100% and it was too small. (I added an "I made this photo") Next time I'll try 110% as others here have suggested.

I am extremely disappointed with the missed chance to alliterate, I propose this object is renamed to the "Collapsible Coffee Cozzy"

I tried printing this in Makergeeks PLA yellow and when it was complete I let it cool. It came off the bed fine but was like a fragile eggshell. It pretty much disintegrated in my hands. Not sure what the problem is.

Good, but why not drink it after it cools. : )

Vicky Liu [email protected]

I need a cup holder for my truck so I can get coffee and drive with it. A 1994 Mazda 3000 pickup has no cup holder.

Check out my design. Its on this account

Hope the Coffee is not hotter than the glas temp of PLA... :-)

Water should be added to coffee at approximately 80 degrees C. Presuming three is then a 5-10 second wait between pouring and customer receipt, its likely the coffee will have dropped up to 5 degrees.
Technically the liquid in the cup would be above PLA glass temperature, however, the insulation of the paper or polystyrene cup, however inefficient, should be enough to make it not an issue

Pssssshhh Ninja Flex for life

This seems much to small for anything but the smallest cup at Starbucks. What if you like your lattes in the grande or vente size - will it resize? Guess I'll have to try it and find out...

I'm also curious about the comment about using 100% infill to make it stronger - with walls this thin, I don't see where there is anything to infill. It's basically all shells.

It is made to fit all of the Starbucks sized cups. I use them on Grande and Venti cups all the time. When you first print it it may be a little tight, but as it get used the parts settle and stretch a little, making it go a little farther up the cup. Regarding the 100% infill, you are correct that the grip sections probably do not need that setting, they are very thin. However the connecting structures between the grips are cylindrical in cross section, and making them solid instead of shells gives them a little more strength.

Interesting. I have printed one using PLA, and I do not see any way that this would fit the larger sizes of coffee cups. It would have to stretch a good 10-12 mm in diameter to do that and I just don't see that happening.

The model is configured for printing in a formation that is smaller in diameter than the coffee cup. This is so all of the independent moving parts do not fuse together. Have you separated all of the parts after printing it? As it sits on the build plate it is too small for a coffee cup. When you take it off the build plate you need to rotate all of the parts relative to each other, separate and expand them.

Yes, I have carefully separated all the parts and they all move freely. It does expand and flex easily. Maybe Starbucks cups are/were smaller and taller when this was designed or where you are? I'm currently printing a resized version, I'll see how that does.

Edit: printed at 110% resize, it fits my Starbucks cups perfectly. I posted an "I printed it" with images.


It is definitely too small for most Starbucks cups, regardless of separation. Not even close. I had to resize it as well.

You must have some very differently sized Starbucks cups where you live. This model fits all Starbucks cups I have ever experienced. The photos I posted show it on Grande and Venti Starbucks cups.

Does "fits all Starbucks cups I have ever experienced" include the Trenta size?

There is no Trenta sized "Hot" paper cup available from Starbucks. The Trenta sized cups are only available in clear plastic for cold drinks. This coffee sleeve was designed for the hot cups, and it fits the paper hot cups and even the re-useable Grande sized plastic cups they sell.

I use the cardboard sleeves on the cold cups for the same reason as the hot cups... it get's too cold to hold. It also keeps the sweat (the moisture that collects around the cup) off my hands.

I printed one out at 100% to see if it will fit the cold cups. Unfortunately, I broke one of the web thingies while trying to free them up. When I reprint it, I'll resize it appropriately, to fit the cold cups, if needed.


Instead of printing such stuff it would be better to think about the amount of waste such "one way cup's" means for the environment.
Alone the germans produce 2,8 BILLION per YEAHR of "one way cup's" waste. Thats 320.000 per hour!!!

Dont get me wrong, the technical idea of your print is nice but with regard to the pollution of the environment it is not!
Please guys think about it an go get or print some returnable cup's :-)

Always happy printing....

We understand about the waste of disposable cups, and agree with you. However, I would like to make two points:

  1. There are disposable coffee sleeves used every day too, and this reusable collapsible coffee sleeve will reduce waste even if you use a disposable cup.
  2. We actually use these coffee sleeves with reusable coffee cups daily at our local Starbucks. The plastic kind of cups you can buy for hot drinks that cost a buck or two, ours are about a year old at this point, saving disposable cups every day. For the photos used in this Thing, we did use the disposable cup because it is more recognizable as a Starbucks cup, and we wanted users to know that it will fit them.

Thanks for your comment!


for Kisslicer
set Style Inset Surface = 0
same goes for skeinforge i guess

Sorry no we drink Dauwe Egberts.

Cool idea, congratulations on being featured!
Love your 3D printing podcast also!!

Thanks for your compliment on our podcast! Let us know if you have any questions or subjects you would like to hear more about.

That starbucks cup better have Chai in it!

Actually, Chai Tea Latte is my standard drink!

I shall print one with some filament that changes color with temperature (https://www.amazon.com/Inland-1-75mm-Color-Changing-Temperature/dp/B00YSYLKYE), then you can tell when the coffee starts to get cold.

I would love to see that!

Ahh... great use of that filament!

Great idea Motley! Do post a video when you do