Tie Hanger - Parametric

by thistof Jun 20, 2016
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Hey thisof, thanks for the thing. I noticed a slight issue with the SCAD file, I am writing this comment assuming this is unintentional, as it isn't in the example STL. I tried to print a customized version and found that the hook part was 0.5mm off of the bed.

You used minkowski() on the lower parts, however this sums the dimensions, meaning the height of the lower parts is actually thickness+1. To resolve this, I subtracted 1 from the cube height on the lower parts. Now, the cubes are height=thickness-1, the cylinders are height=1, the total is height=thickness.

I made the following changes to fix this:
Line 26: cube([2,max(45,ringdiameter+5),(thickness-1)], center=true);
Line 35: cube([0.1,max(45,ringdiameter+5),(thickness-1)], center=true);
Line 36: translate([-3,max(45,ringdiameter+5)/2,0]) cube([5,0.1,(thickness-1)], center=true);
Line 37: translate([-7,-max(45,ringdiameter+5)/2,0]) cube([13,0.1,(thickness-1)], center=true);

Thanks for catching that! I decided to remove the minkowski stuff I'd used, since it wasn't really necessary. Using hulls connecting two cylinders is a more elegant and less processor intensive solution. Uploading new version now, and will give you a holler in the description.

Appreciate it! Looking into it got me hooked on this OpenSCAD stuff, I've started working on a few customizable projects of that I might add to Thingiverse soon :)

Can't wait to see them!

Thanks for letting me know! It turns out I accidentally uploaded the wrong file!
Can't wait to see your print!

very cool. printing it now. the scad file gives me a parser error on line 4