yet another vase

by joo Jan 22, 2012
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would you mind sharing the printer configurations? (layer height, infil %, temp, etc)

Cool Time-Lapse of this object being printed by 3DShrink https://youtu.be/bpjUnO1azcU

I find it too small at the base and tends to fall over. Otherwise it's very nice :)

Nice model. Love the design! 

However I had some problems with getting the corners watertight, so I've made a derivative with slightly thicker walls at the corners :) 

 Thanks for sharing! How did you do that? I once searched meshlab for that kind of function but was lost in the menus :)

Just manually moving verts around in blender :) 

This part has given me a lot of trouble, and I still haven't managed to make one that I'm happy with. The first 0.5cm of height really wants to over-print the corners, and I've had some layer adhesion/alignment issues along the sides in the same height region.

Printing with no extra perimeters helped a lot, but it's still not great.

Prusa with sprinter experimental, sliced with slic3r, 0.25 layer height, 1 perimeter, no infill, standard feedrates.

you might want to try lower feedrates. On my print the inner and outer shell aren't connected, but the edges look quite nice (and are connected). I also used slic3r, 0.2mm layer height, printed on an eMaker Huxley with Sanginololu board and standard firmware.

I may get a version online with "flat" surfaces and a constant wall thickness. Currently theres a little edge which i thougt looks quite nice.

I agree the little ripple caused by the walls rejoining looks very nice.

Once the walls reach their consistent thickness it prints fine. Where I have trouble is the base, where the wall thickness seems to be changing as you go up the part and there's a very large overhang.

I thought the problem was that sprinter+sfact don't print rounded corners quite right, but I sw
itched to sprinter experimental with lookahead and there was only a very small difference in quality.

I'll keep playing with it. Dropping the extra perimeter made a big difference, so there is obviously room for improvement on the slicing side.

while printing my own white version of it i probably had the same problem as you... the layers were printed too quick and the building heat caused curling etc.. Only with a fan i got acceptable results, while still looking a bit messy. At some point in the future i have to try ABS instead of PLA, since these kind of problems are due to the nature of the lower melting point of PLA.

maybe printing 2 at once with an added cooling fan could get you a nice copy :)

Nice one!

Printed at 37mm/s on a thingo. 1 extra shell and no fill.

Looks 8-)

Looks great in white :-D