PiZero Screwless Camera Housing

by gowen Jun 22, 2016
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Thanks! I printed this and use it!

Some feedback for your next iteration (if you make one):

  • The camera doesn't sit all the way down in its slot because the folded cord pushes it upwards. This means that without the cover the camera doesn't align with the hole. When you slide the cover on, it's dangerous because you have to push the camera down and slide it on at the same time. One time I tried this and the mini-connector on the camera came loose. So now I don't close the cover - I leave it partially open so that it just barely holds the camera down.

  • I printed in PLA and the 4 columns in the base snapped the first time I tried to plug the power cord in. I think I've seen some pi case models on thingiverse that have holes so you can use screws instead of having printed columns.

  • The separator between the power USB and the data USB snapped off immediately, I would just leave the full section open instead of having that wall between the two openings.

  • The third piece, that rests inside the case is kind of finicky, and I just ended up not using it after the columns on the base part broke because it's even harder to keep in place then.

this is very creepy dont spy on me plz

I like your pencil sharpener! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Looks awesome! I'm thinking of making a sort of action camera out of this and some small batteries from Adafruit.

How does this attach to a wall? I noticed there are some holes at the bottom. Also, is there a board you could recommend that would add the 2 IR bulbs to the holes under the camera?

The case was actually designed for mounting above the wing on a radio controlled aircraft with dowels through the side holes held down with rubber bands. The front holes are just air inlets.

I've just published two new designs (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1709013) which are designed for wall mounting. They don't have holes for IR LEDs, but there may be room in the short and deep case to fit them. If you can send me dimensions of the board you want to use I'll see if I can make provision for it.

PiZero Vertical Screwless Camera Housings
by gowen

Those look great! I was thinking about using the bright white board here http://www.robotshop.com/en/bright-white-ir-camera-light-raspberry-pi.html

I've managed to track down some dimensions. I'll make a basic model and see if it will fit below the camera.

ignore my previous comment about the STL file, it was my slicer. Cool model, thanks!

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