The Awoken (15mm scale)

by dutchmogul Jun 23, 2016
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Hello, what colors did you use to paint it ?

Could you upload a separate file for the leg pieces please? I can't seem to get the supports right unless they are in individual pieces.

It might be a while before I can take the time to do that, but you could open them in Meshmixer and separate the parts without too much difficulty.

Hey, I have a problem with my 3D printer and i was wondering if you could help me with it. When i try to print with it without using rafts (Some Builds dont require Rafts) It messes up the print. Here is a Video of the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc8LhhH7BAA

Try lowering your offset just a tad, and also be sure to start the first layer off a bit slower. If you are printing with ABS, make sure to use that heated bed and maybe a bit of glue or acetone.

HI i have a Question, have you ever had a problem with the raft being stuck to your build because i have that problem and dont know how to flx it

Oh yeah, it happens to me when the nozzle is too close to the plate. Adjust the plate down a tiny bit and you may see an improvement.

Ok, thanks, but i already made a build that has the raft stuck to it, how would i get that off?

Ooooh. I use a pair of flush cutters. I have this pair. It's worked wonders for me.

How tall is he printed at 100%?

At this scale, just over 12cm. I'm not sure how tall if it were to be increased to 28mm scale.

Amazing model and paint job!
I must say though I'm more freaked out by the two thumbed hand-feet. :-)

Haha, thanks! Yeah, that's the signature "Dutchmogul" touch right there. I've gotta do something with all those nightmares that keep me up at night....

Love this one, could make a great like dwarven statue and be scaled up even more the 180%

Thanks, Devon! Oh, for sure. It'd make for a good Skyrim-style dwarven construct. Actually, this one will be a lot easier to scale to 28mm because it prints in smaller parts. I'd love to see one.

Now that I'm home and looking at the model, 180% is more then good enough. I'll slip the print in between OpenForge stuff and bang out a 28mm one.

Ooh, cool! Yeah, man, I can't wait to see how that comes out. I may need to print one too. It'd be a good fight for the Brontes.

Brontes Heavy Assault Robot (28mm scale)