Butter Pig (Baconlicious Mix)

by bLITzJoN Jun 23, 2016
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Mine slicer says 34 hours to print. Does that sound right? I thought the video said that he printed them in 8 hours.

A lot depends, but I certainly wouldn't be able to print one in 8hrs. 34 seems like a long time, but with all the pieces, it doesn't surprise me.

So the first time I printed this (from the "...full.stl" file), my slicer messed up and cut the Body and Tail in half, so I made a new .gcode file with ONLY the body and tail, and they printed fine. (zero supports, zero rafts)

The second time I printed this, everything printed correctly except for the body and butt.

So I reprinted the butt using supports, and it came out great...

Then I tried reprinting the body, and EVERY TIME I try it, it gets about halfway up and disconnects from the build plate.

I'm going to try printing with a raft next, we'll see. (I think maybe my filament has just absorbed some moisture in the intervening months, and gotten less effective.)

What material are you printing with? You could try a brim if you want to avoid a raft.

I'm using some Hatchbox PLA.

I'm actually in the process of printing a 3DBenchy right now, and it looks like I've got some major 1st layer warping going on, so that might have a lot to do with it.

I'll let you know what I figure out!

I want to print this but have an issue since I have a smaller print bed. If I was able to lay the body and tail flat I would be fine, but i see that can't be done really. My build space is 150x100x125. I guess I could split the tail in half and then glue it together afterwards, but the body...... Any ideas? :)

You may want to take a look at Steve's West Coast remix. I believe it can take half sticks of butter and might be better fit for your printer.

Butter Pig (West Coast Remix)

Thanks, I wasn't sure about that one since I will not be using west coast sized butter sticks.

Comments deleted.

Plate version? Help me understand in case there's something trivial that can done to help others print. Did you print the full model with a raft so the pieces are actually bonded to the raft??

The version that I refer to as a plate version is the whole print in one STL file. No rafts, just printed straight to glass bed. But the points that each part touch are very thick. They can be broken apart, but leave a huge scar on the surface. Another oddity that I ran into was that the SLICE die was 5.45mm thick in the plate version and when I reprinted it by itself it measured 4.65mm. I actually snapped the end off of the butter pig attempting to insert the thicker one.

I apologize for the mistake. Your full STL file is completely fine. Something that Meshmixer did while applying the supports, bonded the parts together and changed many other things without me realizing. Going to reprint without Meshmixer and I'm sure I will have much better results.

Ahh.. lol... hopefully it will come out much better this time!

Parts touching, that's not right. What slicer are you using? I get a chance in the next day or so, I'll position all the items again on the plate to see if maybe it exported weird or the parts are not current. Although, when you do a Thingiview on the model you can see nothing is touching.

Ok 1st of all - love the remix - not that the classic isn't great but love your design changes hence why I spent a day printing it all. :)

WIth that said, that new "sexier" butt.....how on earth do you take it back OFF once you snap it on? It's not too tight it actually even rattles a bit, but without a lip I'm going to have to start sticking butter knives into the crack to try to pry it off. (I jumped the gun and put on the back without the plunger attached. :)

So, just a suggestion that the original looks like it had a tab or lip to aid in removal, and unless there's a magic trick to getting this one off that I'm really hoping I'm missing, you may want to consider adding back something to aid in removal of the butt for washin'!

Ok lost a finger-tip, but managed to pry it off. FYI, I needed some serous muscle as well to slide the end of the crank onto the plunger, and that too seems like it was designed to be a one-way trip......is that really supposed to slide right off for cleaning past that tab? LOL :) I'll have to await my skin growing back on the one hand to attempt that. :)

Fits together like a glove, though!! :)

Okay and for those like me building for the 1st time - when you simply print the convenient entire all-in-one plate of parts it is not immediately apparent that the 4 round circles look like plunger parts......do NOT snap them apart - they are actually FEET! :) (learned the hard way after thinking they went on the end of slicers or something)

Also, for me the feet needed about 30 min set aside to sand down little at a time to try to get on the tabs without cracking the main body (which is what takes like 8 hrs to print) so be sure to be patient they did not go on easily and before you begin note the orientation of the toes!

Yes, I can make note.. btw, the hooves will snap on and not break the model when cold surprisingly; however, if it is a concern I would get a hair dryer or hot air gun to heat up the plastic just a bit. The tolerances are a bit tight everywhere on purpose including the plunger which after a few screw in's and out's will loosen up (giggles), but I am considering shaving a bit off of it in case people have rough layers. One of my prototypes, I had to use a file/sanding block to smooth the inside.

Do I need to add a "not responsible for loss of bodily skin and/or fingers...." disclaimer to the description?! LOL!! Simple enough to twerk... er... tweak the butt, I need to print another anyway so good test. I made the butt a tight fit (ummm.. yeeeah) so there was no play or chance of it popping off if the butter was sticking inside... OMG, this is wrong on so many levels. LOL!!

Yes, cannot believe you even went there LOL!! Normally tight is.......never mind......yes removal aid might be.......sh1t I give up. :)

Jon has done amazing work on the Baconlicious Butter Pig Remix. If you've been on the fence about printing a Butter Pig due to the limitations of my original design, you should definitely give the Baconlicious a look. Not only does it add new features like the pig pen shelf, it needs much less support because its separated in pieces. I'm @steveweber314, and I endorse this remix.