Pi Zero Laser Cut Case

by dsacademy Jun 24, 2016
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Great simplistic design! I cut it in 3 mm material. Just make sure you scale to 73 mm width. My fist attempt (editied in Inkscape) came out too small.

Just got 2 of these made for my brother and I with the Epilog laser at work, thank you for saving us a good chunk of time, we would have had to purchase a case online otherwise, but its so much cooler to watch this being made.

fantasic! glad it worked out. i'll get some more info and photos and versions for different pins and heatsinks.

I got the pieces cut. I ordered some black nylon M3 10mm screws and matching nuts on eBay. Would you be able to show how it is put together? Did you use any glue or is it all held together with the screws?

It actually had so much friction with the acrylic that there was no need for glue with just the smallest amount of tension with the screws. But I guess the file doesn't show Jackley how it's put together. I should've had them labeled. I'll try to get some photos up soon of it in pieces and where they go. But each piece should only be able to fit in one spot.