Rotary Tool Workstation

by mabraidot Jun 24, 2016
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After a year the plastic bends. Need to re think the rotating the head, you can't drill except to straight up and down. , it would be better is a material base was added that rotates and you use pipe t's and angles for the bottom . but if your looking for percision forget this whole idea in plastic.

Thank u for the design. Would like to ask: what's the suggested lenght of the 19mm pipe?

i created little legs from TPU to stop slipping of the workstation.

Socks for legs on rotary tool workstation
by djmaj0

Thanks for the info

Could you please explain the function of the slots in the base. I understand why you use the circular hole, the not sure about the slots.
I would appreciate an explanation about the slots.

Hi hyman,
the slots in the base are for t-slot campls, in order to hold the piece you're working on.

Very well done.

I will try to make it with abs.

I will upload photos

Thank you Fonta,
good luck with the printing process!

Your beautifully elegant design made it to my top 5 that got printed first on my new Prusa.
Biggest one too :)
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind words.
Good luck with the printing!

On the main support piece, does the overhang area print? I think the overhang are would fall over at starting print for that area?

I have printed everything else and worried that the overhang are will not print correctly.Apparently it is working for others.


Hi Steve,
indeed, you are going to need some support for the main support piece.
I found it's best printed upward (the way it is on the 3d model), with support on the wings.

Good luck

Today I found your project. and already I know what I'll be doing for the next 4 days (so it will take me a printing and folded it). Thanks, great design.

great Qjr, good luck!

Amazing design! Thank you for sharing!

thank you Menneset!

Just starting in 3D printing and this is the first useful thing I have made. I really like it.
My base was printed at 20% infill in PLA and is just fine.
I agree with MarcusWolschon about putting the rotation after the rack & pinion so that it can be used for milling & sawing. Is anyone working on this?
In the small town where I live, 100mm M8 hex bolts were easier to find than screwed rod and very cheap. These are perfect for the gear axle, and are just cut down to provide the other bits of screwed rod.
Thanks for the design - it has shown me what can be done with my cheap printer.

thank you effort,
that looks great!

Just printed and assembled mine. This is a very nice design! I modified it to hold the flex shaft instead of the whole rotary tool.

Add 3 M6 nuts and bolts to your shopping list.

The hole on the knob to lower/lift the drill needs to be bigger.

I had to up the infill (30% - 99%)and/or thicken the walls (1.6 mm - 2
mm) on most of these pieces to make them strong enough to withstand tightening the nut and bolts.

I used a 5/16th threaded shaft, metric stuff is hard to find here and not to mention, a little more pricey.

I used a 3/4 inch wood dowel instead of a pipe.

Had to cut many of the M3 screws down to size.

hi chozenwan,
hey, that looks really great!
How do you feel the base? is it standing firm and solid? Mine is a little flexible, I can bend it a little from the main pipe.

Congratulations! and thanks for share it.

Hi Marcus, I found this irresistible to print. But I'm having some trouble putting it together. I'm not sure how some of the parts fit together - primarily how the gear is supposed to turn with the lever handle. I can't see from the pictures how this happens. I've got it all put together but the handle wont turn the gear and I have two parts I'm not sure where they go.

Hey thanks in advance for the help, Marcus!


Hi Josh,
In order to turn the lever, you have to put a nut in the gear, there is a place for that and then tighten the gear with an m3 bolt against the threaded rod.
In the seventh photo you can see the rest of the lever assembly.

I hop that helps!

Let's add a second, horizontal fishtail hole,
so you can insert the yellow Dremel-holder horizontally, mount a cutting disk and use the lever for clean, vertical cuts.
This always annoyed me with the original Dremel Workstation, that you can't move it perpendicular to the rotary-axis to cut using the cutting disks.

Hi Marcus,
that would be a great adition! Thanks for sharing!

Hi, this tool looks very interesting. - Printing it right now.
Which size of spring are you using?

Hi, the spring I used, was 20mm long by 6mm diameter. Try to use one not so soft, because of the weight of the tool.
Good luck

Nice! I may i know which dremel you buy ? I am going to get from china too.

Hi, mine is a Proskit Pt5501 and the fixing nut is dremel compatible