Just another M3 Thumbwheel!

by julianh72 Jan 23, 2012
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These work great on a Prusa i3 DIY kit printer, replacing the wing-nuts that it came with and which were too loose and required adjustment every hundred hours or so of printing as they gradually shake loose.

I may re-print them at some point to scale them thicker, but as is, they're a significant improvement -- Thanks for posting them!

Just made this after being frustrated about bed leveling. I added an extra washer between the bottom plate and the thumbwheel to make it turn a little smoother.


Wow, you need to revisit how you export or save as an STL. This file is OVER 6 MB! OUCH!

I ran your STL through Netfabb and exported as STL Binary. It was down to 1.23MB.

Fair comment! I just uploaded the ASCII STL file as generated by Alibre, and it is a 6 MB file. :-[

Taking your lead, I opened it in EasyFIT and re-saved it; EasyFIT saves as binary STL, and it reduced the file size to 1.2 MB. :)

I will try to remember to convert all STL files to binary before uploading in future.