Tevo Tarantula display clamps / LCD bracket

by BOERE Jun 26, 2016
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Printed out nice. Thanks!

Works perfect, thank you !

Just wondering, is it a good idea to mount the display on top of the frame? In case you are tweaking something during print.

I like the design, but the holes to insert the metal pegs between acrylic pieces are not big enough. I got my Tevo Tarantula in April 2017 so either the holes need to be drilled bigger to fit the four pegs or something else needs to be done. Can you widen the holes a bit? Thanks

The holes are not designed to fit the metal pegs, you're supposed to clamp the pegs against the hole.
If they where supposed to fit in, I would've made them hexagon as well. But if this is the case you would not be able to clamp it and the pegs would slide trough. Or, did I misunderstand you?


Oh, it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I will try it out :)

Can these be turned the other way so when mounted, the LCD faces down rather than up? Is there anything stopping it from being mounted that way?


That"ll work just fine!
Would be cool if you post a picture after that you've done so!

Haven't printed it yet, but just constructive thoughts, wouldn't it work better and easier if it didn't go below the beam but in the beam's front and rear "v"?

I'd bet that would also work!
But I initially designed it so that I could use a bold to tighten it better around the 2020 beam
Also I think that whit the longer 'legs' it might be a bit more stable.

Thanks for the idea!

Works great. No need for the screws. Snaps on nicely to the top bracket. I just mounted mine on the outside of the LCD "case" rather than the inside but same same really.

Hard to find here though.. I was searching for "LCD bracket", "Tevo LCD" etc but ended up having to trawl through the photos on the Facebook group to find where you linked it.

Thanks !
I added some tags so it is easier to find !

Adding some (or a) big supports to the complete frame will also improve the quality of your prints.

Thanks. I printed this in PETG, 25% infill, 0.2mm layer height. They are super strong, and really clean up my machine.