Hexy Coaster

by daggius Jun 24, 2016
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Hey daggius, I just thought I'd post the files converted to millimeters here since so many people are asking. Maybe you can add it to the files or something

i like the description

Hi there! It's a nice and beautiful model! I'm trying to print it, but I had troubles. I sliced it using two different softwares, simplify3d and slicer. Bought of them generate a code that do lots of retraction and print different locations honeycombs and pour print quality, and not a continuous print moviments, like a full honeycomb infill, so I aborted then, look the pictures please. What slicer did you use? Does anyone had the same issue?

These printed and fit together perfectly... Thank you, awesome design. simplify3d asks if you want to scale in millimeter, that is it. Then all you need is a well calibrated printer.

So i scaled both parts why 2500% but they dont fit together. Am i doing something wrong?

I remember these being a tight fit... could it be that your printer needs calibration? Have you printed other items that fit one-inside-the-other?

Why the world wouldn't you resize this before you upload it? We have to increase size by like 2560% percent or something insane like that to print it. Thats unreal.

It very obviously wasn't that size for him! If you weren't completely new to this you would know that this happens a lot, and it's because the file was created with different units.

It's not a big deal, but you're a big douche.

Drawn in English units. Scale by 25.4 to get from Inches to Millimeters. Like it says in the Thing Details ;-)

Thanks a lot, I love it! Could you design a round and a square version too?

Or could you publish the files so we can edit them?

An yes, there seems to be a problem with the size. I had to scale this up to 2900% in simplify3D to get a reasonable size.

I made a round one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2440715

Circly (Round) Honeycomb Coaster
by chixxi

The hexycomb.stl file has given me more filament-to-filament aggravation than I've had with any other 3D model yet; the filled base prints without complaint on the aluminum build plate with a light cover of glue stick. The hex filler, depending on the filament, might require a layer of glue stick, two or three layers of glue stick, painter's tape, or painter's tape and glue stick. If my printer can get past the first layer, then it's golden, but if I haven't got the right formula to get it to stick, I'll get gaps and dragged strings in the first layer and have to abort it and start over.

Peeling the bad first layers off my build plate has, though, given me a thought to see how fine a mesh I can get putting down a single layer to use as wire mesh on models.

I experienced this a lot but eventually found that going from .1 mm layers to .3mm ones made this damned thing printable without much fuss (printing on whatever that Wanhao sticker stuff is). You on a heated bed? I found dropping my bed temp allowed me to print this without a raft and no warping.

When I opened the filled base and the hexgrid in MeshMixer to flop them onto the baseplane, they showed up with an absurdly small size, so I scaled them up by a factor of 30, and the resultant coaster fits neatly under the 32oz mugs I got at BevMo, and don't suffer from the problem of having enough continuous surface contact with the bottom of the mug to lift up with the mug, which is one of the reasons why I picked this one to make. When I get some non-dull colors (it was printed all in grey) to do a more colorful rendition like your picture, I'll put mine up.

Awesome. Scaled this up about 4 times to make a drip tray for my aeropress coffee maker and it's perfect. Thanks for the model!

Hmm, wonder why it's printed standing up like that. I think I may try it flat. I want to scale it larger so I can press my aeropress coffee on it and have it catch the drips, so I'm not sure it will stand up.

Definitely print it flat and not standing up ;). My exporter assigns random coord sys

Very nice design, would be nice to have an outer rim to allow stacking