Belt Tensioner

by SuperSonicFlea Jan 24, 2012
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Just do the open one... excelent job! no need to put the belt off to adjust!!! ;)

Works like a charm :) thanks

I'm going to give this a go as the supplied y belt was a little too short to get purchase to tighten it. Might I suggest you fit 2 nuts tihgtened against one another, flush with the end of the screw, that way the pressure is spread more evenly across the width of the belt and should prevent any damage to the belt from prolongued use.

I like the idea and it would work great. When I saw your message I decided it was time to redo this and add a ram. might want to re download the file and give it a go. Thank you

Can you post a .DXF file instead of a SLDPRT please?


I have added the dxf file, with every view I could add. Let me know if there is a problem with it.

Sure, Ill do that when I get home this afternoon. :)

Printed and using on Sells Mendel X belt, with the ram I posted about below I am pressing against the teeth of the belt instead of the back like you show. No choice for the Sells x axis, but it still works! I printed at 20% infill, but I recommend more, because the bottom layers aren't very thick.

yes! i was just thinking about some sort of tensioner like this. bravo!

I like that this can go anywhere on the belt. Might consider adding a ram to avoid abrading the belt with vibration. See this derivative of some of the other tensioners. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13479http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Parametric Prusa Y-axis belt tensioner with ram

I Will definitely try add a ram soon then and see how it goes. thanks for the suggestion :)

I printed a couple rams up by modifying the scad file in Triffid's tensioner. He makes it a module so you can just cut out the other pieces with very little trouble. The default settings are a little too tall to fit with your piece; I had to cut a few D shaped layers off.

oh cool, I will try make one to fit this and post the STL this weekend. I might try modify the scad file, but I haven't had much of a play with scad code yet.