Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Console Stand Case

by clough42 Jun 26, 2016
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What material was the case 3D printed in ( in the images above)?

The photos above show the case printed in black eSun PETG. http://amzn.to/28WixL0

Hi, I'm looking at this and wandering what software you used? I could do with a good video switch, and I have everything needed

I wrote the software to remotely control an Extron matrix switch, which does the actual switching. https://github.com/clough42/extron-matrix-touch

I have a RPi 3 with the 7" screen in the official case. I don't like the angle of the display and it really bothers me that they designed it with the screen mounted upside down as it affects the viewing angle. I'm looking for a replacement case that is designed to take the screen the right way up and I think your design might fit the bill. Can you confirm that?

Yes. Sorry for the late reply. This case places the flex film at the bottom, which as of the time I designed it, is the correct way up for normal (i.e. eyes-above-centerline) viewing.

I took a chance and made one anyway.
I am happy to confirm that, unlike the official 7” screen case, this one uses the screen the correct way up. The screen angle is much better too.
Thanks for sharing.


Can always rotate the display using configuration settings. Check out https://forums.pimoroni.com/t/official-7-raspberry-pi-touch-screen-faq/959 and search for "Help, my screen is upside-down!"

Yeah, obviously I did that when I was using the official case BUT the screen looks way worse upside down than the right way up.
The viewing angle is much narrower and if you move away from the sweet spot the colours look wrong.

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Having a problem downloading the Fusion 360 design. I downloaded as a 360 Archive. Not sure how to open an archive. Ripped it open with Winzip and just tried to open the individual files and says 2 are corrupt.

Don't try to open the file with Winzip. Fusion 360 is a cloud-based application. Just create a new project and click the "Upload" button (the little cloud with the up arrow in it) and upload the "Lofted Enclosure.f3z" file in its entirety. Fusion opens it and pulls out the individual files. I just tried it and they all worked for me.

Hi. Thank you very much for your work and sharing actual Fusion 360 files.
I have a problem with this .f3z file. I've uploaded it but I only got what I see hardware part (RPi, screen, standoffs etc) but no actual printable part designs.

I just tried the link, and it works for me. I created a new project and uploaded the file. After refreshing the project, I see a design called "Lofted Enclosure". When I open this design, I see multiple components. The ones you need to print are called "Stand:1" and "Bezel:1". Using the "Make" menu, I'm able to export STL or send directly to Simplify3D.

I will try it again. Thanks for the info.

Wow! Thank you very much for this very nice design! It is really nice to see it now on my Table! I have a question to your Video Mixer Software running on the Pi: Do you have the source code somewhere available? I would like to use it in a similar way and it looks exactly how I would like to use it... Thanks!

The source code is here: https://github.com/clough42/extron-matrix-touch

This isn't actually switching the video in the Pi. It's remotely controlling an Extron matrix switch via RS-232. We're using this switch: http://www.extron.com/product/product.aspx?id=1383

It's a VGA switch, but it will also switch other video signals (like Y/Pb/Pr component) with the right adapters.

Great design! What's the length of the flex ribbon and where did you buy it?

It's 6" long, and it's considerably stiffer than the one that comes with the display. The one I used came out of old stock, so I don't know where it was purchased. It's marked "PARLEX CORP 2603 UL STYLE 20566 105C".

Thank you very much!

Very nice design!

Thank you.

Looking at this after posting it, those photos sure look like renderings. Believe it or not, they're all photos. :)