Cracked RPG Dice Set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20)

by south2012 Jun 26, 2016
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I love these dice, go so well for my Earth Genasi character. However the D20 doesn't scale down well to 22 millimeters to match standard/Kraken dice size. The text and cracks are very thin and shallow, its hard to see without the right angle. Unfortunately i didn't see any good "sharp edge" dice with bold or deep text that didnt have other customization's that I didn't want or I would have posted it.

This one looks good. I am just starting with Blender to edit stl's on my own, i'll probably try this in the next few weeks to see if i can get it "cracked", but would appreciate it if you could as well.


Could you post the source files of the models? I would like to edit them a bit ...

Hello, great work!
I have a problem though, maybe someone can help me? I own a Prusa i3 MK3s and want to print the dices in 60% size. I have succeeded in D4 and D6. At D8, the object is always moved from about 15% completion, as if the liability would suddenly be missing. I print with a 0.2 Nozzle, at a temperature of 220 degrees and 65 degrees of the bed. I reduced the speed to 90%. What else could I try?
Thank you and sorry for the beginner questions.

Amazing work South! I was wandering if you have the .step files for this set?

Can you add negatives? That i can print with different colours.

printing the D20 as I am making this comment. Brand new to 3D printing. Got a MP Mini for Christmas. Had been running in to issues with the printer only being able to print the cat.gcode sent with the device. Figured out my issue and this is the first one I wanted to try. It seems bigger than i expected. So will play with the settings soon. Attached are a few pics of it printing.

Do we need supports when printing the D20? Looks like the angle of that face related to the bed might be less than 45 degrees. I'm sure I could do the math but someone must have printed this and figured it out by now.

Have you thought about adding a d% ?

Print one D10 in a different color.... then you have d%

I will not be adding one, as I didn't create the dice files I simply modified them to have cracks. If the original creator of the dice uploaded a d%, I would be able to make a cracked version of it.

I figure this is as good of a place as any to ask. When I try printing the dice the face on the bottom gets ruined and is unreadable (as in featureless and flat). Then when I tried printing with supports, the bottom support gets fused to the bottom. How have you all printed it and had all faces come out ok?

I would recommend making sure the nozzle is not too close to the bed, and possibly scaling up the dice so they are larger than normal dice. If possible, turn down extrusion (for me, 98% extrusion works well but it might change based on your printer).

Awesome looking set! I plan on printing them after the storms pass (no backup for the printer yet). Is there a d10 percentile included in this? That's the only difference between making a set for myself and making sets for my entire Pathfinder group. Also, if I scaled the d20 up to the size of a softball (I like having something handy to intimidate my group), would I run into any major issues? I use a purple M3D micro.

I noticed that digits on D20 are smaller (thinner) than ones you have on a D20 preview.
Any chance you can upload STL file for a D20 with bigger numbers?
Thank you!

I just remixed an already existing D20 and added the cracks. If you find or make a D20 model that works better, send me the link and I can add the cracks on :)

Really cool. I'm printing these as a double set right now. I had to scale them down to be the same size as standard RPG dice, hopefully they come out right. Only one problem in the model I could find, the d8 and d10 appear not to lie flat and adjusting by 0.1 to 0.2% rotation I couldn't get them to lie exactly flat. We'll see how they print at a resolution of base layer .12 mm and standard layer .10 mm. Thanks for making these! I am hoping to make some gifts for my game group.

Huh, I had not noticed that some weren't flat. Be sure to post a "I made this" with pictures once they are done, would love to see them!