Prusa MK2 Camera Bed Mount

by PrintCentral Jun 26, 2016
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Mount has no proper clearance at the bottom of the heatbed and needs to be cut short - still holds more or less though....

will this fit the raspi camera v1.3?

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Wey.... just after a few days and a few camera angle calibrations my camera got lose. Right during a print where I am not at home the vibrations of the heatbed moved the camera up and up and even more up. Can't get it to keep tight again.
Sad. Have to look for another camera mount where I can fix the position with a screw or something.

Is there something with a longer arm, so that I can get a little bit more in the viewpoint?
No matter how I adjust the camera angle, I can only get around 14 cm inside the webcam, which is sad, because the Prusa can print up to 20 cm.

I remade this for the MK3 here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2803918

Actually, I ended up using a different approach after many iterations but I was very much inspired by your "ball and socket" approach! Mine snaps on under the bed and can be printed "out of the box" with default settings and no support material.

Prusa MK3 Bed Camera Mount (snap on) for Pi Camera V2

I remixed the mount for MK3 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2751850

Prusa MK3 Camera Bed Mount

I might be missing it, but I am curious how you mounted the Pi. Where can I find that stl file?

Does the screw come out the bottom or do you have to pull the PEI off the top to mount it?
I ordered a M3x10 screw for it.

This is great thank you! I ended up using the longer ball arm remix - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2014167 but love your great design. I didn't have a 10mm x 3mm bolt, so ended up just threading a nut onto a 12mm and it worked perfectly!

For some reason, possibly an iffy camera, when I snap the back on tightly the camera stops working. I clipped off the tabs on the back cover and it works fine with just a friction fit. The camera does jerk around very slightly now so going to add a bit of foam or something to hold everything tight.


Prusa MK2 Camera Bed Mount - Higher Arm

Dang, for some reason even adding a bit of double-sided tape to stop the camera moving also breaks the feed. Guess I'll try another camera :(

First print with my new mk2 clone. Impressive how it snaps together. It is so nice not having the camera loose anymore. Thanks for sharing!

I just printed one of these and assembled it. It works perfectly on my Mk2s. There's about 1cm of clearance with the adjustable slot all of the way out.

Thanks for sharing this! It will definitely make my timelapse videos a lot better.

How are you getting this to not hit the zip ties in the front if the bed is fully extended forward on the y axis? It looks like it will interfere with travel.

I have the I3 Prusa Mk2S and I confirm that it is hitting the zip ties.

The original design was meant to be adjustable, but it does interfere with the zip ties if pushed all the way in. Just pull the bracket out until it clears the zip tie, then re-tighten the screw,

Perfect! Thanks. :)

Hej Exclusive,

thank you very much for sharing your camera mount. It works great for me!
If you have one, would you share your MK2CameraOnly OpenSCAD-File with us?
I want to create an version with LEDs on the sides and can't import your stl-File into OpenSCAD.

Thank you very much! :-)

I made one of these at 0.2mm @ 25% infill using PLA and I can't get the camera mount pieces to stay closed. They will stay closed without being on the ball joint but as soon as I put the camera piece onto the ball joint the back piece falls right off.... bummer. I'll try some hot glue or something I suppose.

Same for me also. Using PLA AMZ3D (Amazon) at 195/55.

Same for me, I'm assuming this isn't a pressfit. Gonna need a dab of glue.

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Does this part skew the bed? It looks like it would raise the side that is screwed in.

Nevermind. It goes under the frame. not between the frame the and bed.

Mine hits the y rods when bed moves back. anyone else have this problem?


Nice camera mount.

Because of a request from a user over at prusa3d.com I made a ball joint adapter for my camera mount fitting your bracket.
Please check out at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1892617

Happy making!

Prusa i3 MK2: V1 Raspberry Pi Camera Mount - The Round Tower

Really nice project, thanks.
Could you tell me more about the screen to operate the printer, on the pix #3 on the right side?

Sorry I didn't get back to you about you're question, but the screen i have setup is raspberry pi's original 7" touch screen.

Thanks and which software has such a nice interface on this screen ?

I believe that is OctoPrint with the TouchUI plugin enabled.

Just printed the camera kit for my prusa MK2. I find the case perfectly adjusted, but the bracket with the ball doesn't work for me. The diameter of the ball need to slim slightly. In my sense, 11,5mm diameter (instead of 12.5mm) would work smoothly.

Hey! I appreciate the DL and print. The bracket is meant to be small, but i did make the holes a bit too small, so i just drill them out , or carve a little off the hole with an xacto and it fits very snug. I made it small to ensure there inst any wobble while printing

I am making one of these and looks good so far, what are you using to keep the camera box together (the front and back piece)? Mine seem a bit flimsy.. glue? Would be nice for a model with support for some tiny screws. I am new to this whole thing so I don't know how to modify the 3D model yet, but just thought I would put it out there.

Hey V3rd1ct, the two camera pieces should snap together and hold firmly with only friction. If they are loose, I'm going to say you might look at your slicer settings, because part calibration will become an issue for you if you try to print other things that are meant to fit together.
By the way, if you are printing with PLA, you might have slight shrinkage due to rapid cooling.

If I mirrored this so I could put it on the origin side, would it interfere with the bed calibration?

No it won't Interfere. I've had it on the left side before, but I am left handed so it didn't go well with my inability to use my right hand for normal things lol
If you have your pi mounted on the top left of the frame, Amazon sells a 24" ribbon cable that I use along with some of the cable clips that come with the mk2(I printed more) and it runs perfect along the right side. Ill post some pics in a bit when I get back to my printer

https://imgur.com/a/traDe Here are some pictures of how I have my cable run.

Very nice! I am going to have my pi mounted on the left side so I'll do a similar cable routing that way. I was initially just going to let it run overtop until I saw how clean yours looked. Actually that's the same pi case I'm going to use too, printing everything now, will post pics when my longer cable gets here and I can install everything.

I lied, 2ft wont reach. I have a 6ft cable on this printer. Here is the link

I am putting it on the same side so the 75 cm cable I bought should be fine. If not I'll just loop it over top until I get a longer one.

I'll be making this as soon as I get my mk2 :) Where are you placing your raspberry pi? Is it mounted to the frame or?

Do you have a new version yet?

Yes. I updated the STL, so now the camera sits in front of the bed, instead of to the side. As soon as my bed stops moving (doesn't happen often), I'll update my pictures