Stratux slim stretched

by wesalbert Jun 27, 2016
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Can you post the STL for the antenna support?

I love the design and the stretched unit is exactly what I have been looking for! I do have two request/suggestions.

(1) I am going to mount the unit permanently in my airplane and was wondering if you can make the holes for the antenna jacks large enough for BNC connectors? This would make them more adaptable to standard aircraft wiring.

(2) I will also remotely mount the GPS and a small hole split between the two case halves (located between the antenna holes) to accommodate the cable would make this case extremely versatile.


That looks like a good solution! I'm having the case printed right now in blue nylon, I will machine any other modifications as necessary. Nice work!
All the best!

Two questions related to the Raspberry Pi 3. Both probably go right back to the original Helno design, but I thought I'd ask you first:

1) When I rest the Pi on the upper case, it seems there should be another 1mm or so clearance. The USB jacks hit the top before the circuit board hits the two standoffs near the middle of the board. Is there some trick? Are you running into this issue too? The rest of the dimensions on my case seem fine, but I suppose it could be print related. I can get the case to close if I push tightly, but I worry about stressing the circuit board.

2) With the RaspBerry Pi 3, they went away from the push-in push-out style microSD card holder. When this is in the case, the opening is pretty small Even with a tweezers, I can't get in there to pull the card out. Any suggestions?


Both my builds (one in the original case, one in the streched case) are using Pi3's with no issues. The card I can pull out with a pair of small needle nose pliers. You can file out the card slot if needed.

I just checked mine. My Pi sits on those standoffs.

After zooming in, the one behind the USB in the second pic has a very small gap

After looking again (your 4899 pic), it might be because your USB's are sitting higher on your PI. Look at that and my second pic,


I just wanted to say that the case worked much better with a different RaspBerry Pi. For whatever reason, as you saw, the USB assembly on that Pi was taller than most.

Good to hear.

Thanks so much for posting those! So either something is weird in my print, or the USB ports on my Pi stick up (or are further from the circuit board) than the typical Raspberry Pi.

I'm out of town for a few days, but when I get home, I'll try a different Pi in it's place. I might end up using some tin snips to trim the top of the USB ports where the metal is flipped up for about 1-2mm. Of course, if the other Pi fits, I'll just swap.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond and post the photos.

Updated with Fan. Uses a 30x30x7mm fan like the original case. I don't have a fan so I can not test fit it.

Can you please separate the top and bottom into separate STL files? My printer is not large enough to do them both, and I'm afraid that if I use Sketch Up to delete one, and then generate new STL files, the revised STL files will not print properly. Of course, if there is any easy way in Repetier-Host to remove one of the pieces, I could do it there, but I did not see an option for that.

Thank you.

Done. Check out Tinkercad. It's pretty easy to learn and make mods.

Hmm... I'm using Repetier-Host and Slic3r. When I load the fan top STL I get the error that it is not manifold. I tried to use the mesh fixer at Microsoft, and it failed. [https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net]

How are you converting to G-code? Can you think of something I might be missing?



See if the .obj file I posted works any better for you

Very weird.

With the STL files, the bottom was fine, and the top "was not manifold." The Azure tool would not fix it, but the AutoDesk Meshmixer was able to fix it. http://www.meshmixer.com
It generated a 7MB file, which tool a while for Slic3r to slice, but it looked OK, and did not list any errors.

The obj files both told me they were not manifold. I'm not tempted to try Meshmixer on those. Either way, it looks like I'm good to try to print the case tomorrow. I expect it'll go fine. Once it is done, I'll upload photos. Thanks so much for your help


The case printed successfully using MakerGeeks High Performance PLA (supposedly stronger and can withstand higher temperatures)!

I used the bottom as originally sent, and I used the obj version after "fixing" it in the Meshmixer. It looks great! I need to do a little cleanup, then fit components. Thanks again for the fast turnaround, I really appreciate it!

No problem. Thanks!

Not really sure. I just use the cheesy software that came with my XYZ Printing DaVinci 1.0 or 1.0 Pro and it opens fine. Just printed the case today with no issues.
Also opened in MeshLab fine as well.

Wow. Fast! Thanks so much! I did set up a TinkerCard account a while back. Time to learn how to use it!

It would be great if you could also create a "stretch" version of the top with the fan cutouts.

Excellent! Thanks!

Comments deleted.

Is the slim stretched designed to accommodate a fan?

No it does not. I can post one later.

That would be great. My is currently in a clear case and gets hot. Thank you.

Do you have heatsinks on your chips? I have sat mine on a table in the yard in the Florida sun and it never dropped off. Last flight I did (over 3 hours) my iPad on my kneeboard shut off, but the Stratux in the window kept going.

I do have them installed. It has never shutdown, it just gets hot.