by briscoe28 Oct 13, 2013
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Very nice basic design. Plenty of future possibilities/variations. I'm relatively new to 3D printing and had just changed spools. Wanted something small - but useful to print with the first of the new spool. PLA seems to be too brittle for this particular design and application. Something like nylon might work better with this design. PLA might be acceptable if the spring hinge were a little longer and the whole thing a bit thicker/beefier. I might try printing again scaled up a bit in PLA just to experiment. Thank you for posting.

BTW - you might try adding just a touch more space between the two sides of the latch. At least on my printer - in PLA - I had a heck of a time getting them separated. Thanks.

Has anyone made this recently? I am using Slic3r and I just get a mess when I try to slice this file. I tried scaled 130% first, then at 100%. Doesn't matter. I can't get it to work.

I printed three of these a couple days ago in PLA. Used the free Cura software with no issues at all. Haven't had a model yet that Cura didn't handle perfectly. https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software

the same...when slicing...the model is away ...

Hi Briscoe28,

I am on my towns conservation commission, and we're doing a fair this Friday 8/4/17. I want to bring my 3dprinter and print carabiners as a giveaway to raise awareness for our conservation efforts. Would you allow me to use your design as a giveaway?


Hi Rich,
Yep go ahead.

i like your design.. using the living hinges. Are those living hinges for the moving parts?

printed 3 copies: regular size, bigger and smaller. The bigger one started coming apart layer by layer. The smaller ones worked ok, but not sure if i could use them to hold keys, etc. it´s kind of flimsy

Unfortunately this wouldn't work for me, plastic and design was really stringy and not strong. Tried a few things to fix but to no avail. Shame as I want one and would be really useful!!

Had to slice/print mine on a 45* angle to get it to slice/print correctly.. Not sure if that helps any other users or not.

in what orientation was it on your platform when you printed?

i like the design and want to like it more, but i cant get a clean looking slice, anyone wanna share a fixed version? had a bunch of errors but would like to print it for sure and get use out of it, thanks for sharing.

Great design! Ill print it out when I get my Z18.

Really loves this thing!

Awesome. Printed it out at 1.5x scale and very solid, going to use a few around the house. Not sure what the comments below are going on about besides trolling.

Great concept Good thinking. Love it.

Awesome video, I use methylene chloride and just brush it on with a small paintbrush.

Great carabiner, I like this but feel I could improve it. Why no derivatives? Just curious is all!

ive changed it, you can remix now if you want

where is your change located? link?

Awesome, thank you birscoe! I printed one out and it works excellent. I scaled it up 30% and it's very strong.

Holds my keys just fine, I don't know what you're all bitching about. Thanks for the thing briscoe!

I would not call this useless by any standard… but instead, a great start. I think it's awesome, and I don't see anyone else creating it, so Kudos to you, dude!

While it is very pretty it is also very useless. The plastic has too little resilience, too little strength and too much memory to be used for a spring like that. A solid arm as a spring would have been better. No offense to the author since they are obviously clever but this thing making it to the home page as a featured item reeks of crass corporate pat ourselves on the back at the expense of others hubris.

Counting the teeth of a gift horse much?

took me a while to work out what you meant...lol

yuuuup, looks cool but works crap.

I hate to agree with this opinion, but yes, looks nice but useless. No offense to the author, I know that he tried to do a very good job, but he didn't took the characteristics of the plastic in mind => making this piece useless.

I'm sorry if I sounded a bit rough, had a long day, but it really is a great thing if it works!

Did you actually print one? Or just decide that it "works crap"?

It works for keys, but if you put 2 kilos on it, it shatters like a piece of glass. We all have bad days, and you didn't sound rough. But from my experience...... (over 500 designs) and more than 350 hours of printing, I know when a part is too weak when I see it. The same is valid for "the gropener" when it first came out. Nice, but useless.

I respect all artists and appreciate the effort being put into making things and then releasing them for free, but sometimes (even me more often that I would like) don't take into consideration all the parameters, therefore limiting a functional design.

With all due respect, I will not even waste my time to print it :) I know it's not what I want.

Mine will hold atleast 2 kilos...... and I have well over 350hrs exp in printing (I work with 3D printers for a living for the last 8 years) its a usefull part (I have printed 4 of them and they all worked out nice and was worth the time.)

So you didn't print one? Just decided to complain and condescend? Cool.

Whatever man, I know the limits of PLA........... unlike you. GL !

PLA? Who said it had to be PLA?

You seem to want something that can hold 2 kilos. Obviously this was not designed to do that. As you pointed out, it would be fine for keys - which I'm guessing is closer to what the designer had in mind.

Oh, I get it now. You're not looking to add to the discussion, you're looking to quench it. Have fun with that.

I added to the discussion my own personal and professional opinion. Want me to reinvent the wheel now and discover how to make antimatter on an industrial scale?

I've never used these things for keys, and my mind is set that this particular design needs to be stronger than it is. And since PLA is used in more than 70% of the printers, and the fact that ABS has quite similar characteristics when it comes to resistance I assumed that the author designed the model to be printed by enthusiasts with these 2 materials (maybe nylon), not out of metal or stronger stuff.

Have fun with your rants and douchebag attitude. Better to shut up and make people believe you are stupid, rather than speak and remove any doubt.

It was never intended for use with 1kg let alone 2kg, Its intended for keys, bottle openers, small items as a novelty item. If you need something with a more functional spec then I would recommend a metal one. I appreciate that it has its flaws, and I value the experience of more experienced individuals, therefore if i get time I will produce a beefed up version, or if you want to remix it that would be good.

Cool mate. I have never used carabiners for keys or bottle openers, the only thing that came to my head was a more heavy duty use for it. It works perfect if it's for keys and light stuff, so congrats for the design. It's as functional as it can be for the small stuff.

thanks, you are right that it needs to be a bit stronger though

You sir are obviously very talented, more so than I could ever hope to be. My original comment was based on my experience in actually printing the thing and finding out it does not work all that well. Unfortunately this happens all the time on thingiverse where things look great but print and/or work like crap, if they can even be sliced at all. The issue in this case is not a limitation of the calibration or fidelity of the printer I choose to use, it is simply a materials problem from an overly optimistic design. You are catching flack from me because you got featured and yet what you got featured for will probably disappoint most people if they actually print it and try to use it.

Got some funny slicing in Makerware too.. Was inserting a strange triangle at next to top layer. I flipped it, and now it only has one odd "string" in the preview. Printing now with 3 shells and 0 infill.

I'm getting this error when slicing: 10:03:54: <slic3r> Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 90.292656,107.096039,3.629414-87.853546,109.511063,3.500005 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway.
Anyone knows how to fix it?</slic3r>

Try running it through netfabb (go to http://cloud.netfabb.comcloud.netfabb.com and upload it). That does a great job of fixing bad files.

great design! thanks for sharing

I think, you should make the arm springs a little bigger.
Eitherway, great design