z Brace for Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS

by spool3d_canada Jun 30, 2016
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Important!: You will need at least 4 M5x15 (15-ish. M5x20 should work but is a bit long.) socket head cap screws to mount the base pieces included in this file set, since the stock ones are too short! This is in addition to the other hardware needed: M3x10 socket head screws, 8mm or 5/16 nylon lock nuts, and 8mm or 5/16 threaded rod. (Still working on mine, will put out a straightforward, no-BS hardware listing when I'm done.)

I accidentally printed your 4 STLs at 20% infill instead of 50%. Do you think it's necessary to reprint them or is it possibly they will hold up? No biggie to reprint, just didn't want to if it won't matter much.

Do you have to thread the balls how do they go on the rods?

Anyone have a definitive list of what parts are needed, in terms of the screw sized and lengths and how many of each?

How do you get the top lock nut balls onto the end of the rod ? The angle of the rod fed through from the bottom, prevent the outer top balls from screwing on they seem to foul with the top gantry braces ?

You have to have the ball on the bracket as you feed the rod through

For some reason I am unable to load the i3_PLUS_back_right_v2.stl into Slic3r. All the other files work fine. Any ideas?

Nevermind, I opened the stl in meshmixer and combined the two parts. Issue resolved.

Don't print 6, print 4. Only 4 are required. Don't cut your allthread to 420mm. That's too short. cut it to 17" or 432mm.
People don't waste your materials.

Other than that, thanks for the stl. Good job :)

did all 4 of these fit your printer? I at 58% of the back left at the moment. Want to make sure all is good before I print the rest


Is this a joke? The back right has a opening on the bottom and the rest don't.

wish I had read this one before printing this one out.

Is the only solution here to open it in another slicer or something? new to this!

i also found this, its been modelled in multi part depends what slicer you use as to whether the hole shows up or not.

Are there no middle feet in this mod?

I see you say you need long screw is that for all of them and if so what size are they please ?

The M5 screws in the front and back need to be longer. I assume that's what they meant aside from the ones mentioned in Azza's post

On file back right the little lip for the printer to catch on is inverted through rather than sticking up..

noticed that too, I got around it by mirroring the back left.

I can reuse the screws from the machine for these bottom parts? Only the top screws need to be longer for the zbrace?

You need longer bottom screws also. You can try but likely wont have success. M4 screws

M5 x 12 worked fine for me, not sure why everyone says M4 unless it was changed at some point.

Do you know what length?

Are you sure you need to print 6 ball files? It seems to me like you should print 4 ball files (for the top) and a NutPlugLeft.stl and NutPlugRight.stl for the bottom. Right?

hey. did u do this or did u do it another way? i was wondering the same thing

Yeah, you only need to print 4 ball files but it doesn't quite work right. The design doesn't really give a great way to lock the leaded rod to the bottom supports. I ended up using this remix which I think is better:


z Brace for Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS (feet only)
by abrandl

Does your design include a method to install leveling feet? Photos are not clear. This is my 1st printer and I am learning how to use this website and get ideas. Hopefully at some point I can use my design experience to provide files also. Thanks

The added channels don't fit without using a trusty dremel and after that the holes are 1mm~ too low.

Fits ours perfectly. What measurements do you have for the location of the screw holes on your printer and thickness of the metal frame?

hm, i will take measurements, but i am getting a feeling my printer needs calibrations, almost all parts turn out slightly smaller.

Just a suggestion, but you might want to try the top to this make: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1549403

I built this for my original Monoprice IIIP. I liked the top pieces since you didn't have to disassemble the top of the frame to install.

I have the new Monoprice on pre-order and will do this build once it arrives.


these wont work for these bottoms as they are angled. jfc nothing but amateurs around here.

Any way You can send me the files for the front legs? I want to edit some of the dimensions to work with a different set of top pieces (Z-Axis Mod for Wanhao i3 Duplicator)

thank you

Anyone had trouble with the channel on the front feet not being deep enough? The bolt holes won't line up on the front two bottom supports. I'm currently filing the grooves deeper to allow alignment.

Have you got the longer screws? I haven't yet applied this mod, but it recommends using m3 20mm screws.

Hey! What tighteners did you use top and bottom? Thanks.

Print the balls from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:921948, then nyloc nuts or a combination of nuts and spring washers for the size of threaded rod you are using - 5/8" or M8.

Z braces for Wanhao Duplicator i3, Cocoon Create, Maker Select, and Malyan M150 i3 3D printers.
by AzzA

I would definitely suggest putting two nuts on the bottom ( on each side) like the top. The z towers wont move toward the back, but without nuts on the top of the bottom, it will move forward. I hope that makes since.... Basically put two nuts on each side of each brace piece.

I fully agree. I made that small change to this design as a remix to allow for the second nut outside the brace. Hope it helps for somebody.


z Brace for Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS (feet only)
by abrandl

Wish I'd seen that before printing everything. :-( I also wish I'd noted that the rod needs to be 420mm rather than the 400mm of the original before cutting it. Oh, and that I'd need longer M4 bolts to hand - what length do I even need?

Ugh. I wish I had understood your comment before I got done installing this. I was all ready to feel my new rock solid gantry, only to find that it was more stable resting on the table...now it rocks forwards almost freely. Oh well. I'll add that bit later, I guess.

Are there just two nylock nuts on the lower side of the two bottoms brackets? Assuming so I should buy 4 nylock nuts (for the bottom and outer tops) and 2 regular nuts (for the inner tops)?

Correct. Exactly how I installed it.

G'day Spool3d,

Thanks for the introduction to the new Plus model, it looks like a fair leap in the design. But they've obviously missed the opportunity to resolve the Z stability issue in the process, thankfully you were there to fill the gap. Well done!

Do you happen to know what controller board is used in the Plus? (Just wondering if they've stayed with the open source designs or gone their own way.)


Hi AzzA,

It would be a simple thing for them to add...

The controller board is still based on the Melzi design - slightly altered from the i3 v2.1.