3D printer Calibration Matrix

by BDan Oct 14, 2013
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This is pretty awesome! I wish some of the features like the cylinders or blocks could be a little taller so I can hit them easier with my calipers (I like to measure things for math purposes), but there is enough visible stuff happening that the calipers are not really required. Like the gap between the 3mm - 2mm blocks is a quick way to see if you are over exposing. Excellent quick print!

Being new to this DLP resin printing, this has helped me a lot calibrating my resin.
Thank you

Hey BDan, can you elaborate on what the numbers near each item represent? Some I understand to be distance between objects or heights, but specific info would be helpful!

Thanks, I'll put this in the main description

Thanks much! That really helps me understand better what I am looking at or should be looking for when I print it. :-D

I'm using the B9Creator. Its a resin-based printer that hardens liquid material with light from a projector. The projector is low rez but we get a 50µm pixels for small and precise stuff and 100µm pixels for bigger stuf. Or 75µm pixels if you need a 150µm feature on a bigger object...

which printer are you using?

Are there anywhere samples to use for ROSTOCK-MAX and some explanation what to try if some stuff looks a certain way and it should look differently ... etc?
For most I am very happy with my printer (I am new to this 3D world...) but I like to print so good, it must be perfect all the time. I know that would be very hard to achieve, but I must try to have my printer setup very perfect I can.
Thanks for all of your help guys! Tony

We can have a discussion about this thing here.
This clear rubbery material I'm trying is Spot-e(lastic), it's fantastic for crispness because there's no scatering of the light by prticles in the way, light shines straight through, but it shines deep and even comes back so it will block (cure) your cavities. It's also good because it really sticks to the Build Table like a totoo, no warping, no failed prints.