Customizable Universal Charging Dock

by eirikso Jul 4, 2016
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Hello, can you make UniversalDockTolerance but not with the curvedCable ? All is fine with the Tolerance, but i can't put the usb cable :(

Prints really nice. Very easy to edit in OpenSCAD, the code is well documented and very accessible.

Unfortunately I was in a rush and forced the dock into the base and snapped the base. This shouldn't be a problem for most people with a little bit of post-processing (just give it a quick sand back for it to slide together a little better), or if you're feeling confident, you could potentially edit the tolerances in OpenSCAD yourself.

I'm thinking of experimenting with the latter as it seems like a fun introduction to OpenSCAD.

Thanks for your work on this Eirikso.

I just finished printing this for my Galaxy s9 and I LOVE it! Very nice design and very easy customization instructions! Thank you for sharing!

Doesn't fit very well, need more tolerance between base and the two customizable objects.

Thank you for your feedback. I have now added an extra base called: UniversalDockTolerance.stl

It is untested but should give 0.2 mm extra tolerance.

HI eirikso, i have printed the new stl, now it fits perfectly. Its possible to have the other two bases with these tolerance?

Samsung Galaxy 7 edge dock work with normal galaxy 7 ?

Frustrating. Spent 3.5 hours printing the base and now cannot customize due to the same error as below. Eirikso - any information from support? Looks like there has been an error since at least 1/12/18.

I have contacted support several times and no response. I have other models that have the same problem. So this is really frustrating. One temporary solution: download the file called "MobileHolderV6.scad" here from this thing. Download and install http://www.openscad.org/

Open MobileHolderV6.scad in OpenSCAD. There you can insert your values directly in the code and render your models locally on your own computer.

When you have inserted your values you click the "Render"-button. The one with the cube and an hour glass. After rendering you click the "STL"-button to get your STL-file. It is the first variable in the code that determine if you are working on the top holder or the connector. When you have rendered and saved the STL for the top holder change that variable to "second" and you will see the connector when you render.

It is easier than you think. And right now much more reliable than Thingiverse... :-/

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I can confirm this worked flawlessly on my end. I just made a dual dock for Samsung J7 phones and using a magnetic port as the connector (from EZMOB) Works like a charm! Thank you.

PS: the only thing you need is to make a cutout at the bottom to whichever side you want the two cables to go to. (the attached file does not have that)

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I have contacted support regarding this problem. But no answer yet.

same here; Error after Create Thing :-( ...Chrome

la personnalisation ne fonctionne pas ça me dit toujours erreur dommage

Unable to create customized things. Error details below:

"#<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:3285338 403: Forbidden>"

Please let me know if you get this fixed :D

Why can i not create my customized Things in the customizer? It always says error!

I need a DockBase for 8x3mm Cable. I've OnePlus X.

how does one use the customizer for the weird connector on the Samsung galaxy s5? it is not centered and the micro USB is on the side which the customizer does not have.

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which file is for the Samsung charging connector?

You'll have to measure it and make on using the Customizer.

Is there a model for a regular galaxy s7?

I don't have the exact measures for the regular S7 so you'll have to measure for your self and use the customiser like most people do with this model.

Is there a scad for the base? I adjusted the offset to -5.5 for my HTC One M9, but the wire hole no longer lines up with the channel on the base.

Well, here's a modified openscad-based model with an offset hole for those who need it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2272508

Customizable universal charging dock base with offsettable wire channel

Thank you. The base was made using Fusion 360, so unfortunately I don't have an OpenSCAD-file for that. The closest you get is the link to the original Fusion-file at the bottom of the description.

Any chance you'd make a version of this with an Apple Watch stand next to it? That would save my bedside table a pretty good amount of clutter. Thanks!

That's a good idea. The best solution would be to make a customisable smart watch stand so that people could use it for other smart watches as well. Unfortunately I don't have time for that any time soon. But if someone here would like to remix the model... :-)

There is a link to the original Fusion 360 file for the base in the description and everybody can download the OpenSCAD-files as well.

How about changing the cable channel in the base to an s-shaped? It might help usage with slightly narrower cables instead of tape solution

That is a very good idea. Will try to add that next time in front of Fusion 360...

Thank you so much for designing this and making it so we can customize it to our needs. Your work is very much appreciated.

I've tried 3 times in last 24 hours to customize and print a connector using the following settings:

phone_thickness = 12
TextLabel = ▼
phone_depth = 6.7
font_size = 11
phone_name = LG H901
support = 0
connector_width = 10.9
phone_width = 80
offset = 0
extraD = 0
connector_depth = 6.2
connector_height = 15

Each time it appears to be ignoring me and printing whatever it feels like which is a much smaller connector width. Is it possible some of the recent changes messed up something?

And a question: I guess I'll have to add a parameter for connector cable diameter as well. If that new base with a 4-5 mm cable diameter should make sense?

That is strange. I tried with your settings now and when I measure the connector width I get exactly what I put in: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8wb0kmemoj9dkj/Screenshot%202017-02-06%2021.59.50.png?dl=0

So of course the next time I try the connector the width is what it is supposed to be however...the connector height is NOT 15mm as it should be. See photo here: http://imgur.com/a/IwCaT

Must be something on my end then...at least that narrows it down. Thanks for checking. It wouldn't surprise me...I left with everything working and a print job starting...I come back with a bunch of melted plastic around the print head and now the "home all" is going to a spot where I can't lower the springs on the right side low enough to even clear space for a piece of paper.


Have you considered doing a universal base for a cup holder to be used in the car? That would allow your docks to be used everywhere.

That is a very good idea. Will try to make one when I get the time!

Hi erikso, could you provide the OpenSCAD file for the base, too? That way, I could try to create a base that can be sticked into the fan grills in the car.

I reverse-engineered your part, it can fit into cars now. See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3609657 for details.

Customizable Universal Car Phone Dock

I'm currently printing https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1502441 which works for my current phone however it looks like with minor changes that base could be used with your universal dock tops to make a car friendly version. Please don't give up on the car cup holder option since so many are device specific or case specific from the ones for the cars. I printed SEVERAL tops to find one that finally fit as I needed with the case I use.

Smartphone (78-80mm wide & 11-13mm deep) or Galaxy S6 Active Car Cupholder mount

I modified things to create a base for a cupholder in my BMW, with supports that snap into a trimmed and rounded stand. As soon as I print it out to vet the tolerances are right, I will post it up.

Very nice phone dock. I've tweaked it for my phone/usb connector. A few notes that may be of interest. Quickcharge 2.0 and 3.0 cables are thicker. They will NOT fit in the slot of the "universal dock" asis. It may need to be another parameter that can be adjusted. Additionally quickcharge connectors are thicker and longer because they can supply more than 5v to the phone. I had to modify the connector to a width of 11.1 and a depth of 9.7. If you can suggest how I can increase the cable slot size of the dock without messing things up I'd be very thankful!

Than you for making me aware this. The base is not made with OpenSCAD so it is not customisable in the same way. But you can download the file in several formats for editing here: http://a360.co/29aB1HT

When I get the time I will add an extra base for download, one with space for a thicker cable.

The quickcharge cable itself appears to be 4mm wide.

Thank you. I have now added "UniversalDockBase_6mmCable.stl" to the list of files. It is a Dock Base with room for a cable that is 4-5 mm. Use some tape (like I show in the video) to make it fit better if this one is too roomy and the other one is too tight.

hi i was just wondering what are the dimensions in the customizer? Inches, Centimeters, Millimeters? thanks! -Matthew

Thank you for noting (and famewolf for answering). I have now edited the text to make it clear that all the measures are in millimetre (mm).

They are in Millimeters.

I have used the Customizer to generate the correct sized parts for my phone. The Universal Dock Base has printed great, the Cable Holder "second" part has printed great, but the Phone Holder "first" part isn't printing correctly. From your details it should print upside down, and therefore support itself, mine is unfortunately printing the normal side up way, with the little tab being the first part to be printed, followed by pasta!

I'm using an Anet A8 with OctoPrint/Pi with Cura slicing. Do you know if the STL coming from Thingiverse is causing this or do I need to try and flip it somehow?

In cura click on the object then on the left click on the icon that says "Rotate"....drag the green circle around till the item flips completely over...you can try clicking the button that will appear on the right that says "Lay flat"...should get the item printing the right way.

How to rotate an object in Cura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooRarrCYc3U

I have studied the problem you describe further and found a bug in the customiser that caused the top holder to show up together with the connector when saving if the user had added the "extra support". That caused a combined model that was difficult to print. I have fixed that now. So if you try again you will get two models. One of the connector that can be printed right away, and one of the top holder that needs to be flipped.

Yes, you need to flip it in your software. That was not explained very well in the description so I have now edited it to make it clear. Thank you for noting this. I did not find a way to show it the correct way for view in customiser and then let it turn it to the correct way for printing when saving.

My phone with case has a depth of 16mm from the back of the phone to the back of the plug. Is it possible to make that with this Customizer?

I have now added a parameter under the connector specification that says "Extra D Advanced: Add 10 mm to the phone depth (experimental)"

I have not tested this. But in theory that option will add 10 mm to the "phone depth". So, if your depth is 16 mm choose 6 mm further up and add the extra 10 with this option.

Please report back here with your results. Did it work? Did it add exactly 10 mm? Etc.

I had a chance to make this. It looks very nice! See http://www.thingiverse.com/make:283753.

The one additional change I would suggest making is to extend the side supports of the top piece whenever the extra 10mm option is checked. Currently, the phone is not really supported by those pieces, so it needs to just balance on the dock instead of being held by the dock.

Thanks for a great solution!

Customizable Universal Charging Dock

I have now added this. If you choose the "add 10 mm-option" it will also add 10 mm to the side holders.

Thank you for testing this out. From my comment on your remix: "Nice. But it seems like the connector insert ended up a bit to short? I'll have a look at the side supports. They should absolutely be longer when the 10 mm extra is selected."

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is there a holder that has the charger cable on the right side?

It depends on how long out on the right side you want it. I updated the customiser now, with an extra parameter for the charger cable: offset. You find it at the bottom of the parameters for the charger cable holder. With the offset you can move the connector to the right or to the left, 10 mm each way.

can the connector be moved farther? I have the Blu Vivo XL and the charging port is all the way to the right side :/

Ah. I see. That is actually quite dfficult. Because of the pretty narrow bottom I have made. Moving the connector all the way out there would need editing of the main base as well. So that would be a major edit... I am afraid I don't have time for that now. If you know someone with knowledge of OpenSCAD and Autodesk Fusion then there are links to the Fusion model at the bottom of the description and you can download the OpenSCAD code in the customiser.

Can you describe in a little more detain the various connector values? I'm not sure what to measure (i.e. depth and height).

Great design ☺️

I'm going to print one for my Sony Xperia X Compact so it fits with the flip cover on.
How much infill would you recommend?

I have printed mine with 20% infill. That have worked great for me on all my different prints of this model.

Thanks ☺️

Nice design! It has worked perfect and printed on my FFCP 2016. Very good engineering!

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I have tried to customize this 3 times now and every time it comes back with an error saying that it timed out. Is this something I am doing incorrectly or what?


Sounds strange. I know that the customize part of Thingiverse can be slightly unstable at times. What values are you trying?

Sorry that I did not update right away, but it did eventually work. I tried it the next day and it worked great. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It works really well!

Does anyone have the dimensions for a ZTE ZMax 2 ? I'm trying to print one of these for a friend who lives overseas and can't measure it accurately. I've found most of them here (https://www.zteusa.com/zte-zmax-2-att) but not sure if they are 100% accurate (I also can't find the distance between the usb socket and the back of the phone).

You can probably trust the width on the spec page. Use that and add 1 mm to give a little room. The depth of the phone according to the spec you link to is 0.37" = 9.4 mm. Unfortunately it is not easy to know if this includes the camera lens. But if it is the total depth at the bottom of the phone: Usually the connector is more or less in the middle. So the length from the back of the phone to the back of the connector would be total depth of phone divided by two (9.4/2=4.7) minus depth of half the connector (approx 1 mm). Giving a "depth" for this mobile stand: 3.7 mm

....still: no guarantee that this will work. So if someone here have that phone it would be the best solution to get exact measures from them.

Hi. My phone is thicker because of the case. Phone depth that is 8.6mm. How do I ...?

Have a look at my "deeper top holder" remix:

Modified it to allow for more depth, I think 8mm are possible now. Text is not possible anymore then, though.

Deeper Top Holder for Universal Dock
by conny_g

I would have to do a bit of redesign to make it possible to adjust for that kind of depth. I'll see what I can do. Alternatively you'll have to alter the part that holds the plug. Instead of using the printed slot you could cut it off and then glue the part with the plug on to the holder a couple of mm further out.

Hello, i have an issue. When I am converting dimensions to my Redmi 3 PRO, text lines doesn't show my text. Do you have any solution for this ?

Okay, my fault. Maximum depth is 7mm and I was forcing 9mm in openSCAD..

If you adjust the text as well in OpenSCAD I guess you'll be able to get your text printed even with 9 mm depth.

This is great!!! I have printed it for my s6 edge plus and I love it. Thanks for making.

Is there any plan to make an IPhone 6 version?

You can use the customiser to make any version you want. I don't have an iPhone 6 in front of me right now. But according to the spec it is 67 mm wide. And I am pretty certain that 3 mm will work fine as depth. So use the customiser with those numbers and you'll probably be fine.

Great design! Is this original?

Yes. This is designed by me using Autodesk 360 fusion and OpenSCAD.

Great work! Hope this gets to featured!

Thank you. It's pretty popular already. It is nice to see that people find use for it. :-)