Mini Tiny Whoop (Inductrix based mini quad)

by babar121 Jul 4, 2016
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I would like a version with the control board 45 degrees rotated, so I could reuse the hardware of my Q Bot Micro from HobbyKing. Would you be able to do that?

Is there anyway you can design this to fit a F3 Evo brushed board?

Do you sell your designs? Not only this but there are actually a couple others I am interested in. Can't afford a printer and don't know anyone with one either. Thanks.

Contact jetprints.biz

That's a website?

I actually have been working my guts out and havent flown since February. I decided I wanted to rebuilt my whoop and my 8.5mm micro, and found this frame. Came to read the comments and saw this .. im sure it's too late but indeed we are happy to print anything you need :) http://jetprints.biz or @jet_prints on instagram and twitter.

That said, I'm going to try this in PETG this weekend (fine tuning my settings for MakerGeeks Pink PETG) and I'll post the make when done. Your work always rocks!

Yeah. Or you can contact them through instagram

Finished my 8.5mm motor version with Beecore F3 FC. Flies great and was very easy to build. Thanks for a great design!

Just thought I"d let you know that the Hitec charger your using needs an adapter cord so you don't ruin those picoblade 1S batteries. Won't ruin them immediately BUT after several charges they will be harder and harder to use on your tinywhoop. Hitec is now including one adapter with each charger. It plugs into the mcx port and converts to picoblade (eflite).
Towerhobbies sells them but are out of stock until end of November.
I ordered some from this website: http://www.rc-connectors.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=118&products_id=487

will this frame take 6x15mm MMW motor for the BEEDuctrix?

In which orientation should this be printed?

Print it upside-down

Is it suppose to be printed vertically?

That's China for you! One good reason why I have stopped putting all my designs on thingiverse. Thanks for the info.

Man, I feel ya. I've seen my designs get sold elsewhere too and it makes me want to yank it all off, but at the same time, I feel it would be a disservice to the RC community. Try to watermark all your designs with a logo or something to deter a few lazy copycats.

Ive just printed the frame in PLA with 100% infill and supports, came out really well and I can definitely recommemd the share, thanks to Barbar121 for the great and awesome design!

are you able to mod this thing for the Hubsan 107C/L FCs ?

Do you know if that fc is the same as all of the normal/original hubsan fc"s

Don't know. I would recommend to work on the H107-A34 FC, this was used in the Hubsan H107L.
Maybe you will find dimensions somewhere?

can you make a version with 8.5mm motors using the same props as you have (hubsan at 55mm?)

It is the model named 8.5mm

How much did frame by itself weigh? Why not put camera mount as part of frame to save weight? Can you share the design file?

frame weights by itself 9.3grams. I dont incorporate a camera mount into the design because it makes it much harder to print, and it takes longer.

What tool did you do the design with, can you share file so I can import into onshape?

I use solidworks. Though I don't upload those files.