by SiThLibrarian Jul 5, 2016
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Might you be able to share the CAD file for the Tank? My son would like me to remix it for his Ozobot Evo. Thanks, Andrew

thanks for sharing the model. I tried opening it with 3 slicing sw and it reports some errors. XYZWare for Pro actually partially correct it but when printed it does not print the internal hole, so had a solud base, with S3D and Cura the supports are not generated even if correctly configured. I wonder if you have an updated model or this one if the last/current version. Thanks, Fab

I'm not sure what that issue could be. I've been experimenting with this build and it comes out fine with the intended whole using Makerbot Print and my 5th Gen Replicator. This is the only version I have for this one unfortunately. Sorry.

Thanks. Which slicer are you using? I might try with another one! Thanks Fab

I was actually using the Makerbot specific software.

Nice idea but no hole for me either...

Okay so I believe I fixed the issue that some people were having. I printed the new design and it came out with the hole as it should. If any else has any issues prior to 1/26/2017 just leave a comment and I'll take another look

I think the hole's faces are inside out. If you made this on sketchup you will need to open it back up and "reverse faces" on the faces that appear grey (My printer luckily can fix errors like this anyway) Great designs looking forward to using them with my Ozobot.

It still doesn't work for me. Bummer.

Nice design but no hole for ozobot

So I tried printing this but it wants to print without the hole in the middle. Not sure if it's a problem on my end, but I'm just letting you know. Great design other than that!

I may have made an oops and posted the wrong design. I know for sure that I did that with at least one other of these designs. I should be able to have the corrected design up here by the end of the day. Thanks for letting me know!

No problem. Awesome concept, can't wait to print one once the design is updated!