by firefrogz Jul 7, 2016
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What is the size supposed to be? When I loaded the stl into simplify3d it was tiny, so I auto-converted from inches to mm. The result still seems too small, but maybe that is correct? Certainly smaller than a baseball.

how do you get the support materials out without cracking it open

Also if it is cracking it may mean your layer adhesion isn't great

How do you get the support material out?

It's ok, I will make one as soon as my new nozzle comes from China, lol.


You mean it should weigh an ounce. It says on the website that it weighs about an ounce.

Oh, whoops.
On the review site it said just under a pound, but i looked on amazon and the shipping weight is 0.8 ounces, so I will fix it.

Have you finished the printing? Does it throw like real Blitzball?

Yes and it is pretty much the same as a blitzball. I wrapped mine in electrical tape because it will crack or break easily if it hits the ground to hard. The cons to it though are you can't hit it or it will probably break unless you have some really thick walls or somethinG
Wrapping it in duct or electrical
tape or something will definitely absorb a lot of shock and extend the life span

Are you printing in PLA or ABS? You could try ABS, thicken the shell, and increace the infill. I wonder if there is a way to make the infill thinner on the inside, and thicker closer to the outside to increace strength and reduce weight. I wonder how it would perform with exotic materials like nylon or carbon fiber. Also, try sanding and acetone treating it, that would strengthen the bonds.

Does it throw as if it was a blitz ball?

I'm not sure, I am printing one right now.
I assume it will but it might be different slightly because of the different weight and scale.
it should curve and drop either way though, because of the way the wind catches it