RepRapPro Huxley

by adrian-bowyer Jan 28, 2012
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About 6 Kg when fully built.

Can i print this using the M3D printer?

Yes - that should work. The latest version of the design is here: https://github.com/reprappro/Huxley

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Hi, where can I download the new Huxley extruder? And one more question, what is the difference between the new extruder with the old? Since I have Huxley, and plans to replace it with a new extruder, thank you.

Whats the build area of the Huxley?

If I am understanding it correctly, the filament drive bracket for the Huxley went from being a lasercut part to a printed part sometime in March 2013... but I cant seem to find the drive bracket as a solid model included on any of the usual places... ie Reprap wiki, etc. Anyone know where to find this piece? (or its Thingiverse #)

Is there a full hardware bill of materials somewhere? I can't seem to find one.

Please can you tell me where the stl file is for the new mini extruder large internal gear? Mine is cracked and in need of replacement and this file doesn't include it, help. http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapPro_Mendel_Mini_Extruderhttp://reprap.org/wiki/RepRapP...

Hi there,

I have some problem with stl files. After that I print x-motor-bracket, i see that is smaller then could be (in confirm with motor). And Repsnapper told me really smaller sizer that could be. I test size on some part of original Huxly - that is smaller too, and with Prusa Mendel - where size is right. Could you help me please, what kind of scale i must set to right size, or which is right size of this part for example ?

Thanks a lot !

PS: printing size calibration is right

Ok, my mistake. Huxley is projected with Nema 14 which is smaller in all sizes :(

hi there

i am year 12 student, i really intrested in building one of this. is there anyone can help me to find all the instructions need to build this machine in "one zipfile".

and also how much dose this cost to build.


Not exactly "one zipfile", but all the instructions are here:


Cost depends on how much work finding parts you are prepared to do yourself (as opposed to buying a complete kit). The minimum if you do all the work would probably be about $300.

btw the z-endstop-holder.stl is missing in the zip file. will update "my" thing to include it (also missing in the zip on the wiki). or you can get it here https://raw.github.com/reprappro/Huxley/master/Print-Huxley/Individual-STLs/z-endstop-holder.stlhttps://raw.github.com/reprapp...

I just built and calibrated my RepRapPro Huxley :)

She is working nicely :) I am not completely in love with the Double Stepper Motor Z-Axis setup.

I might come up with a Z axis gear/belt modification that allows the Z-Axis to be run with a single strong stepper. The SeeMeCnc H-1 I have uses something like that and appears to work nicely.

ally, I think I will "mate" my Huxley Pro and H-1, using them both to print a 3rd Printer with the best characteristics of both!

The symbiotic/evolutionary machine theory in action :)

Adrian Bowyer is a hero of mine. Without him there would be no makerbot, no thingiverse, and for some of us, no hope.

Thanks! Of all the projects I've run, RepRap is the most fun by miles.

You have more projects =-O

I have other current minor ones, but I really meant in the past...

Wow! nice, I always wanted to make a reprap!

lt;- I was complaining about nobody was selling a complete and clearly described kit, but then I saw your link. Awesome. I ended with a TOM because in latin america you need a store that sells you everything (for example if I need an extra special screw I have to wait like 30 days, add taxes, and shipping fees)... but my engineering heart was always thinking on making a reprap.

Just as a reminder. Nuts, screws, bolts, washers are used mostly on plastic parts. You can use anything available to you that is close. The holes in the parts can be drilled out or filled in to fit most hardware. Your Hemisphere is big and the resources are available for the RepRap. The motors are used globally. So, are there. Take a few old printers apart.

The specific electronics you can build. The engineering details are all available and the electric/electronic components are not unavailable in like or substitute within your country.

The beauty of Adrian Bowyers's incredible vision is to open your eyes, Free your mind and Release the Maker in Al
l. Granted, he claims only the vision of a bunch of machines growing like a cancer around the planet making copies of themselves but, Hey what a wonderful out come from such a simple seed of an idea. A Global Renaissance/Revolution is born Not planned! :-D

Release your inhibitions and get to Makin

Don't forget to share!

Looking great. Can we buy Melzi on its own yet?

We hope to be selling the Melzi electronics on the eMaker shop towards the end of February.

I hope to see the Melzi for sale! I want to try the Melzi on a SeeMeCNC H-1

I really like the board :)

Any chance for some Marlin support?

We hope to put Melzi up for sale as soon as we can. But we don't want to do so when we only have a few boards in stock beyond what we need for kits; we want to make sure of the supply chain first.

I wouldn't call it supported :) Bu there's: https://github.com/reprappro/Firmware/tree/master/Marlin_Sanguinololuhttps://github.com/reprappro/F...

(Note that Melzi and Sanguinololu are functionally equivalent.)