40mm Fan Guard

by Prot0typ1cal Jul 7, 2016
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It looks nice, but it makes the sound of the fan louder.

Yes, it does, in a way.
The fan guard reduces the buffeting around the perimeter of the fans intake side and creates a laminar flow.
The nose cone also helps create a laminar zone in the center where typically there's a dead spot from the hub.
So what you hear is air velocity, not the fan.
Problem is, turbulence cools. So this fan guard will reduce performance by about 6%.
FWIW is a very low drop compared to most decorative guards which are typically 10-15%.
If you want noise reduction, check out my other fan guard:

30mm Fan Grill

The holes are 4mm. Are the fan screws M4 size?

Yes, yes they do.

It looks good but it decreased the fan's performance when I installed it. I put it on the hotend cooling fan and did a series of cooldowns from 260-50C. I did multiple runs to make sure it was a valid test and all runs were within 1-2 seconds of the average. With this piece installed the hotend took 6:08 to cool down, without it took an average of 5:45 to cool down. My guess is that's it's due to the slight inward taper of the shroud. If all you want is a good looking finger guard, this works, but the cooling performance suffered. (I did remember to remove the support ring, so that wasn't the issue).

Thanks for being objective :)
Glad you remembered to take off the support rings.
Yea, the inward cup is to miss the Makerbot's frame. Wanted a deeper grill than the flat fan fare that you typically find on Thingiverse.
All the same, most shrouds have a negative impact on air flow, surprised it's close to 8%.
Perhaps you would be kind enough to test some of my other designs:

30mm Fan Grill

Niceeeee....... ^_^i like it

Hi mate just want to say nice work on this ! is it possible to get Step file for this ? thanks

Sweet thanks so much ! have a good day