Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Triangulated Dress

by natmrodriguez Jul 9, 2016
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aaaaayyyy negra que divina negrita!!!!! y que ricas tetas!!!!! :P

The model pictured in green dress.... Were the parts printed at 100% scale or bigger?

Thanks for sharing btw!

I tried the print without scaling, with PLA, it came out beautiful but half of them broke off when I tried to take them out of the printer.

What material did you use and to what scale did you find the most stable?

Thank you!

This is amazing! What software did you use to make the design? Also, do you think this would be compatible with Filaflex filament instead of PLA?

Thanks! I used a program called Rhinoceros but only because that's what I am most familiar with. I would love to try this design with something like Filaflex so I can actually wear it somewhere!

Man, this is dope as hell

Cool work (and a hot girl) - awesome!

I love this so much! Can you explain what you did to adhere the different sections together?

Thanks, I am glad you like it! The pieces snap into each other so you can print smaller panels and connect them by hand to create a larger design. That is how I was able to customize the design of the dress as I was assembling, and use the same panels to also make a scarf. My warning is that with this scale of panels I used for the dress, it was difficult to have consistency with the accuracy of the prints, so sometimes the connections on some panels were too loose or too tight, and sometimes they were just right. As a result, I would use needle nose pliers to pinch the heads on the male parts if they were too big, or flatten the heads a bit to widen them if they printed to small. If you are using PLA on a MakerBot like I was, I might suggest scaling up the print a bit so that it can be more precise, or adjusting the sizes of the connecting parts to your preference.

love it ! i will give it a try, at least parts of it

Thanks! You definitely should!

Very cool! Did you overlay several swatches of this print over a pattern to create the dress? Is there a video anywhere showing the flow/bounce when its on the model?

Actually there was quite a bit of improvisation involved in assembling the dress. I didn't use a print over pattern, but I had a general concept > loose fit but sexy, as little 3D printed material as possible, long slits for easy movement. Before I had the model wear it, I actually put it together while I was wearing it myself and would just take off and add modules to my taste since we are about the same size. I wish I took a video of the dress, I'm mad I didn't think about it during the photoshoot :(

Beautiful dress! My girlfriend would love some of these in different colors.

Thanks, you guys should print one!

I have printed this chain mail variant before and I think its amazing. I hope to full on that can be double sided. Because this would be horrible uncomfortable to wear.

u dont need to print rafts, just on blue tape with gluestick or airspray

What did you do as far as rafts while printing this? Lots of waste filament when using rafts with a Replicator 5G. Printing without rafts on new bed tape with an isopropyl wipedown still curls the triangles.

Yea that was also a challenge for me. It was designed to be able to print without a raft but sometimes it wouldn't cooperate, so I just ended up using a raft to ensure quality of the prints. Any design suggestions would be appreciated!

Well I don't have design suggestions as I am everything but a designer (not an artistic bone in my body) but I did switch out the blue painters tape with BuildTak build plate tape and all I can say is wow. It printed the triangles beautifully smooth on the surface with no need for a raft. I highly recommend ditching the painters tape and investing in some BuildTak sheets. They only need to be replaced about once every 100 prints or so, depending on how you use it, compared to every 5-10 prints with painters tape. https://www.buildtak.com/

On a different note, I did just upgrade from my Makerboth 5th Gen to a Lulzbot TAZ 6 with a heated bed and this design printed wonderfully.
Thanks again for sharing this design project with the community!

Fantastic use of 3D printing. Haven't seen any wearable 3D designs like this yet. Great work!

Did you use a flexible material like NinjaFlex?

This project was more conceptual, so it was just easier to use PLA with our printers. I would have loved to use ninja flex, but we were having several problems printing with the flexible filament so it was just unreliable. Our printer just didn't like it. It could've been some glitch, but I hope to try it out with a flexible filament in the future.

Seems like it would be itchy, very cool otherwise!

Haha thanks! The dress is conceptual, more of a display piece than everyday wear, but it's surprisingly not itchy. Although I would have preferred to use a flexible filament to make the dress less rigid in areas of tension, like around the neck area. But the flowing/ loose fit on the rest of the gown does help make it comfortable. When I made the dress it was just easier to use PLA with the time frame I had to work with because the flexible filament we tested was giving us problems.